Baby Anna – Pretty in Pink

This is Anna. She had just turned 1 year old (one week before this photo shoot technically) as you can see by her sparkly number 1 t-shirt. How clever her family was to get balloons – a great prop, but also very entertaining for Anna while she sat for a bunch of photos!

As you can see Anna was fantastic for the camera! She clapped, smiled, giggled, and looked right when we asked her to. What a smart little girl.

Such character! These photos show a range of Anna – serious, goofy, and just all around happy. The chair was a special touch, a family heirloom, which really made the photos special. Plus who can resist all that pink!

Happy Birthday Anna!

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Lorina & Gemmy – Hiking in San Jose

We met Lorina and Gemmy at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. If you have never been there before this place needs to go on your Must Visit List. It was beautiful. This couple suggested it because they love hiking and being outdoors, one of their shared passions. In fact, Gemmy decided to propose while they were on the peak of one of their hikes last March. We took these engagement pictures exactly 1 year after Lorina said “yes”!

The couple will wed this May at the Hakone Gardens, a perfect setting for this outdoorsy couple. Congratulations!

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Mandy & Tim – Twilight in Chicago

Meet our dear friends Mandy and Tim. We love them and they love each other.

They had been together for what felt like FOREVER. We kept bugging Tim to see if he bought a ring and when he was planning on asking. He kept mum and was able to hold onto his secret date for 2 whole months after making the big purchase (gorgeous ring, seriously)!

Of course when Tim finally popped the question on bended knee right smack in the middle of dessert at a sleek restaurant in downtown Chicago it was perfect. Through her sobs and laughter Mandy was able to get out a “Yes!” and they are happily enjoying their engagement.

We were so thrilled to hear the joyous news, but even more grateful that Tim happened to time it just right…we happened to be visiting Chicago the next weekend! Talk about good timing. We shot these engagement photos one week to the day after they were engaged.

These two are such a great match…Mandy with her fashion sense, easy going nature, and outgoing spirit…and Tim with his wit, love of sports, and calming sense of self. They are both super smart and such a fun couple!

We love you two and couldn’t be happier about your future together. xoxo ~ M&E

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Phillips Family – Run, run…

After a nap Tessa found herself surrounded by two more photographers with big cameras, not that she isn’t used to being in the limelight considering her own dad is a photographer himself. Still, Ryan and Stephanie weren’t sure how she’d react, but low and behold she loved taking photos! What a cute family, full of love.

Even more than enjoying getting her photo taken Tessa loved her huge yard and playing with her parents.

This shot just seemed so perfect. Mother, daughter, kisses, big cheeks, and a whole lot of snuggling.

And finally, what a face! Thank you Tessa, Stephanie, and Ryan – for sharing an afternoon with us!

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Stephanie & Mike – Fashion of Love

Stephanie has been a long time friend and we were so thrilled when she met the love of her life in Mike or “Larry” as she has dubiously nicknamed him.

They met while working in the fashion industry…thus why they look super stylish in these engagement photos! (Even though it was in the 30’s they still sported a cool style and didn’t complain once.)

We randomly walked upon this heart drawn on the wall…perfect? Yes, we thought so.

Stephanie is one of the sweetest people we know with such a kind heart. We are so happy that she met Mike, someone who constantly makes her laugh and smile.
Walking around the Short North in Columbus, OH for this special shoot we came across (well, actually it would be more accurate to say Mike lead us to…) this great Mona Lisa painting on a random building wall. Amazing to find art in an alley. And amazing that Steph and Mike were totally game to sit on the ground and look completely natural.
We will leave you with one last shot. See if you can pick us out in the photo! This sums up these two…goofy, fun, lovable: Fashion of love.
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