Stephanie & Mike – Fashion of Love

Stephanie has been a long time friend and we were so thrilled when she met the love of her life in Mike or “Larry” as she has dubiously nicknamed him.

They met while working in the fashion industry…thus why they look super stylish in these engagement photos! (Even though it was in the 30’s they still sported a cool style and didn’t complain once.)

We randomly walked upon this heart drawn on the wall…perfect? Yes, we thought so.

Stephanie is one of the sweetest people we know with such a kind heart. We are so happy that she met Mike, someone who constantly makes her laugh and smile.
Walking around the Short North in Columbus, OH for this special shoot we came across (well, actually it would be more accurate to say Mike lead us to…) this great Mona Lisa painting on a random building wall. Amazing to find art in an alley. And amazing that Steph and Mike were totally game to sit on the ground and look completely natural.
We will leave you with one last shot. See if you can pick us out in the photo! This sums up these two…goofy, fun, lovable: Fashion of love.
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Bradley-Krauss Family – Vivacious

This family can be described in so many wonderful ways, but were truly vivacious when we met for their photo shoot. We were hoping for snow, but had 36 degrees instead! The kids still were thrilled to play outside with their new (also vivacious) puppy.

Between photos outside we took some inside to get warmed up! These two were really enjoying hamming it up for the camera.

After convincing the kids we were kind of cool we got some great character shots…here are just a few!
What love this family has for each other!
It was great working with you all! One more glimpse into their world of kids, play, and love.
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Jade & Kevin – Let it rain

When we met Jade & Kevin we knew it was going to be a great photo shoot because it was overcast and the lighting was excellent. Little did we know it would soon be sprinkling, but this tremendous couple didn’t even mind! Way to roll with the punches guys.

After using the umbrella prop (Marissa just thought maybe we’d need it!) it cleared up enough to get these next few playful shots.

You can tell these two have a lot of fun together. In fact, the photo shoot was a surprise from Kevin to Jade! Even not knowing what they were doing she still dressed and looked great. This last photo seems to be a private look into their quiet love. Thanks for being so calm and flexible you two!

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Katy & Mike – Lover’s Stroll

We met Katy and Mike in Monterey by Lover’s Point down in Monterey, CA. Monterey had long been on our list of places to visit so after ogling at jellyfish and a giant octopus at the aquarium we drove over to the shore where we met up with this lovely couple.

When Katy and Mike were born they were separated by many states, but through chance the military brought these two together. It must have been meant to be. You can see their serious, strong love for each other – and we only knew them for an hour…

 It was such an amazingly warm and sunny day. What luck we had in not only loving our first time in Monterey, but in meeting this couple who made us laugh and who could seriously work the camera. We barely gave them any directions whatsoever!

Congratulations and Good Luck! (especially in these next few months)

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Amanda & Dan – Breaker, Breaker

Amanda and Dan were the cutest couple in love. Even though they’ve known each other for 6 years it seemed like they were in a new head-over-heels relationship! 

When Dan proposed it was magical, literally…it was in Disneyland- the most magical place on Earth! Dan finally surprised Amanda, ring and all, on a getaway in one of their favorite vacation spots – and he popped the question right in front of the princess castle!

We had such a blast with this couple in the park. We can’t wait to hear about all the planning for their fall wedding. Good luck Amanda & Dan! We wish you all the happiness and love you deserve.

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