15 Year PROMiversary

On Sunday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, but hold up…because an even more fantastic anniversary is today! That’s right, 15 years ago today…these two kids below went to prom. We know you’re jealous of the hair, full blown sparkles, and all the early 2000’s ridiculousness (although I’d pay to see Erik in a tux again, so handsome!).

Rewind a month to the day after school when I was heading out to track practice and realized, while doing my first warm-up lap, that Erik had written with cups in a fence (do people still do that?) asking me to prom. It was a huge deal asking and the guys/gals at our school would try to come up with unique and grand ways, honestly not unlike a proposal!

After practice, I pulled out my archaic mobile device…flipped it open and pulled out the antenna (this is all real) in my Dodge neon and told him YES!

A few other couples pitched in for a limo and we rode in style to the dance, laughing (perhaps doing some underage drinking), snapping pictures (I was the photog even then thinking I was fancy with my film point and shoot plus a few disposable cameras), and doing one of the things we love best- dancing.

By the end of the night we realized we needed to go get our portrait taken (hence the red, sweaty faces) and are so, so, so grateful for these photos to look back on. Secretly we wish we could be prom photographers just for one night to see all the ridiculousness over again!

How did all that time fly by? No clue. But I’m so grateful for the 15 years worth of laughs, dance offs, and even the quiet moments together on the couch once Bryce is asleep when we get to catch up, dream big, and reminisce. Love you so much Erik Ciccarelli! ~M

(Please excuse the photos of photos and the photos of scrapbook pages, haha, no digital images from those days! Oh yes, and I was an avid scrapbooker too…)

PS- Love also goes out to the numerous friends who didn’t know this post was coming who may be in some of the photos below. xoxo Thanks guys!


And for the close-ups…


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Elisabeth & Ashton | Golden Gardens Engagement

Instantly she thought he was handsome. His profile was filled with humor and dinosaurs so she sent him a joke about triceratops and he was hooked. He responded by noting his mutual love for Tom Robbin’s Jitterbug Perfume, showing he had actually read her entire profile.

They met to play retro arcade games and drink cheap beer and belly laughed their way through the entire evening. An incredibly refreshing first date spent talking, joking and being themselves lead to more and more and more dates (and now a wedding!). They say they each found their spirit bond, and trust us when we say it’s true.

Elisabeth & Ashton, we loved capturing you two, your refreshing sense of humor, all the laughs, and your authentic relationship. Looking forward to doing it all again in August! ~Erik & Marissa 



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Daniel & Matthew | Olympic Sculpture Park Engagement

They knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together so the next step was getting engaged. When they decided to plan the engagement together, just as they’d be doing everything together from here on forward, it felt perfect. A weekend was chosen and an adventure to Victoria was booked. They each picked a special moment to pop the question with wooden rings they’d wear until the big day.

Matthew wanted a beautiful moment for Daniel in the gardens since he has a soft spot for colorful flowers. He found just the spot and popped the question while wild peacocks roamed nearby. Daniel had planned out his proposal for high tea. He called ahead and ordered a special dessert to come out at the end of tea with chocolate writing to accompany his delicious proposal. They both said yes! It was certainly a weekend they’ll cherish forever.

Cannot wait for another unforgettable weekend for you two ahead! Your wedding day is going to be amazing. ~Erik & Marissa 


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Kimmie & Lucky | The Arboretum Maternity

She was absolutely glowing. Her fancy yellow dress just added to her pregnancy beauty as she flowed through the blossoms in the park. Her friends were showering her that afternoon with love and gifts for baby (a gender surprise!) so Kimmie took the day to pamper herself, get dressed up, take some photos with her husband (the last ones of just the two of them), and eat some delicious cake (to-die-for salted caramel). The blossoms were in full bloom and she even got a few rays of spring sunshine peaking through on this lovely day of celebrating the future of their growing family.

Congratulations Jimmie & Lucky! We’re so happy for you two. Your greatest adventure yet is about to begin! ~Erik & Marissa



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Sherry & Matt |University of Washington Cherry Blossom Engagement

She knew it was coming. They’d talked about an engagement and knew they wanted to be together forever. He had a year left of school so it was the perfect moment to plan, get married and then move wherever his work took him.

A romantic getaway to the Olympic Peninsula was it. He planned a mini vacation for them to get away, into the beautiful PNW. Matt brought out the ring and proposed near the beach with an eager now finance saying yes!

Sherry & Matt we are so looking forward to another memorable day with you just a few short months away! ~Erik & Marissa


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