Carly & Paul | Gasworks Park Maternity

They decided to wait and have one of the biggest surprises of their life kept secret. She thinks it’s going to be a boy and he thinks it’s going to be a girl. This 50/50 split is going to make it so much fun next month when Carly & Paul’s little baby arrives, announcing him or herself to the world!

Thanks for letting us document such a perfect moment for you two, Carly & Paul. Our cheeks literally hurt with how much laughing we did during your session. We can’t wait to meet your new baby! ~Erik & Marissa



Lisa Henry - Nice!!!!

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Natural Reflectors Part 2 of 3 : Shirts

How to shoot like a pro…using natural reflectors (for free!). Part 2 is all about the clothes you wear as a photographer. Did you know the shirt you wear makes a big difference on a close-up of your subject? Especially on a sunny day!

Let’s say you don’t want to lug around a reflector, like this one below, or maybe you find it awkward to hold equipment in both hands!


Another option you have is to wear a white shirt. When you stand close to your model the sun will reflect from the sky off of your shirt and bounce back into your model’s face. You will have the total opposite effect if you wear a black shirt, sucking all the light from the sun into your shirt.


For the biggest shirt reflection, place your model with his/her back towards the sun and stand close to your subject. The sun should be hitting your white shirt for the best reflective light. See below…


The two portraits below the behind the scenes pics were edited in the exact same way (if you don’t trust us, look at the blue wall in the background behind me…same color, same exposure). The left photo was when Erik had on his white shirt and let the sun hit it, reflecting back onto my face (for set up, see the behind the scenes photo directly above each portrait). The right photo was when Erik had on his dark maroon/black shirt. You can see how I’ve even lost that nice reflection in my eyes and the maroon from his shirt is actually making my face look even redder!


Erik’s white shirt is acting as a natural reflector! Part 3 of natural reflectors coming soon…if you missed part 1, natural reflection with snow, catch up here!

Thanks for reading and get out there with a camera, the sun, and your white shirt! ~Erik & Marissa

Natural Reflectors Part 3 : Buildings » Ciccarelli Photography - […] up if you missed Part 1 or Part 2. Have a great long weekend and take some amazing photos! ~Erik & […]

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Bethany & Kellen | Olson Mansion Wedding


She arrived calm and collected with plans to marry the man of her dreams on that day. As her off-white dress slipped over her head and a veil was pinned by her mother the day seemed to become more real. Bethany had transformed into a bride.

He arrived with his groomsmen jovial and expectant, knowing that one of the biggest moments of his life was upon him. As he stood waiting for his bride and their first look he was happy and sure- this was the day, this was the woman.

Each time their eyes met for a moment smiles would spread across their faces making it quite clear – Bethany & Kellen were made for each other and their journey into marriage started now.

As they giggled over the funniness of cutting their cake and concentrated on their first dance moves the celebration swirled around them. Circles of guests opened on the dance floor while friends and family showed their best skills and twinkling lights shone down on them. A night to be remembered, a day they’ll never forget.

Congratulations Bethany & Kellen! May these memories last longer than a lifetime. ~Erik & Marissa


Huge thanks to everyone who made this wedding possible:

Venue- Olson Mansion

Catering- Christie’s Catering

Flowers- A Tailored Affair

Cake- Izabella Cakes

Photography- Ciccarelli Photography

DJ- Mystik Music

Hair & Makeup- Salon Maison

Sandy Sorrell - So glad to see these pics, you look so happy, best wishes for this couple

Joanne Stetzer Remer - Wonderful pictures.

Sheri Forsythe - Beautiful! God bless the families represented here!

Julie Batson - These are so beautiful!!❤️

Marijayne Gossard - What wonderful pictures of a truly happy day! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Waites - Awesome pictures, you two are so photogenic, absolutely beautiful!!

Mary Ann Davis - The wedding looks lovely!! So nice to see the pictures. So sorry I wasn’t able to be there. Many years of happiness to you both!!

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Carey | Bhy Kracke Park Maternity

When your beautiful client turned friend is about to have her first baby you drive over to her house, take her to the park where you did her engagement session, and make some magic while she glows and lights up your camera frame.

Carey is this kind, brave almost-mom who made her own decorations for her wedding, scavenged the internet for a good deal on the perfect crib, cooked and froze food for easy post-baby meals, and is counting down the days to meet her baby boy Bode in a month. She truly glows, like you read about, and makes pregnancy look like a breeze.

Carey we cannot wait to meet Bode and watch you turn into a mom, you’re going to be such a cool one! ~Erik & Marissa


Carey’s husband, Joe, made an appearance at the park with their firstborn Penny so we had to shoot one, recreating a photo from their engagement session.


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Our Biggest Announcement YET!

Last week we shared some huge news with friends and family. In late November of this year we will be training a brand new photographer! He or she will be super new at it all (in fact our newest member won’t even be able to hold a camera!) and probably won’t be part of the business for at least 16 years, but we’ll start him/her early.

If you didn’t guess yet, it’s true….WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

Baby Chick

Expected: November 2015 (near Thanksgiving!)



We’ve had people ask us a lot of questions that we thought we’d share the answers to…

How did you find out? We were actually in Italy (March) at the time and had just learned 3 days earlier that we were getting our first house, so needless to say it was a huge week for us!

Was it a surprise? Nope, we had been thinking and planning for several years and hoped the timing would be right with wedding season. Luckily Baby Chick decided to have a due date perfectly at the end of our season so that we can take some leave and enjoy our baby over the holidays. Our baby story really has a long beginning that we may share someday, but for now we’re ecstatic with the surprise of this little baby!

Will you find out the sex? Yes, definitely. We’re so excited to start thinking of names and there are just too many without weeding out at least 50% of them! Info coming in July…

How do you feel? Other than excited, happy and a little nervous to be new parents? Ha, I’ve been really lucky actually. Other than not liking any food the first 11 weeks my pregnancy has been pretty mild so far. There are a few skinny jeans that are retired for awhile already, tiredness comes and goes, and deadlifts are out now that I feel like my butt is getting a sporadic, surprising pinch (thanks to sciatica).

Any weird cravings? Honestly at first nothing sounded good and it was hard to eat anything at all! For meals I’d basically look in the fridge and eat whatever didn’t sound the worst. But now I can’t seem to get enough tomato soup (especially if it’s added to an open-faced grilled cheese).


We are so happy and excited for this next adventure in our lives. The challenges, the good times, the funny, the sad…we say to it all, “bring it on!”

A giant thank you to everyone who has supported us, already given us advice and kind words, and are taking this adventure into the unknown with us one step at a time. ~Erik & Marissa


Cindy Lawrence - Congratulations! I see Baby Photography as a new and specialty for your your business!

Diana Barber Muzyka - Congratulations! Taylor Swenson told me the good news!

Valerie Hornstein - Congratulations! Exciting times ahead!

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