Last-minute Valentine Surprises

Valentine’s Day always creeps up. After the onslaught of holidays you think you have all this time and then…BAM, here’s that lovely holiday around the corner. If you need help thinking of a quick, last-minute gift idea here are some of our Pinterest favorites (plus a few we thought of too)!

If you’re thinking about cooking…

Layered Heart French Toast (or it could be pancakes!)


Strawberry Pie with Heart Cutouts, bacon hearts (okay, this might be our favorite), fruity valentines.


If you’re thinking about getting creative…

Take photos of hearts you find around town; use a DSLR slow shutter speed to make hearts with your cellphone light.


If you’re thinking about being crafty…

Post-it heart notes, Heart rock art, heart maps of the places you’ve been together, string heart art


If you’re thinking about being sexy…

Give the gift of a boudoir session. We have gift cards! Contact us for details.


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Photo Challenge 1 of 12: The Splash

Create. Challenge. Educate.

If you know us, you know we’re always trying to grow- as people, in our profession, and in life.  This year we were looking for a fun challenge and decided to complete a photo project each month. We’ve chosen fun challenges that are out of our comfort zone (way different from weddings), to expand our abilities, to grow and to be creative. There’s nothing like a personal project to get creative juices flowing!

We’d love for you to join us, do your own 12 in 12 challenge, or come up with our next photo project! We’ll be sharing ours here each month.

Photo Challenge 1 of 12: The Splash

What we used: a puddle, camera, and lots of different sized rocks *it totally helps if you have a second person too, especially if he can skip rocks

Settings (if you’re interested in trying this project at home): f/2.5; ISO 500; 1/1250 s

Time of day: We picked the golden hour before sunset and used parts of the puddle with tree reflections to make it more interesting. No wind made for better reflections in the still water.

Stay creative. ~Erik & Marissa


I think Erik should be a professional rock skipper.


This is what a skipping rock splash looks like.


Skipping rock splash from a side view.


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Most Viewed Posts of 2014

Is it already a month into 2015? Unreal how time flies.

If time flew for you last year, like it did for us, you may have missed some of our most viewed blog posts! If so, this one’s for you. We’ve compiled a list of our follower’s top 10 posts (as well as some personal favorites) to catch you up! Cheers to remembering some special moments from 2014. ~Erik & Marissa

Ciccarelli Photography Phillip and Jeremy 14


Our most viewed and talked about posts of 2014 (calculated based on likes and comments)…

1. Phillip & Jeremy’s Wedding

2. Michelle & Lindsye’s Engagement

3. Hillary & John’s Engagement

4. Eileen & Rico’s Engagement

5. Christin & Art’s Wedding

6. Carey & Joe’s Wedding

7. Neal Family

8. Julie & Danny’s Wedding

9. Christina & Tara’s Wedding

10. Alex & Casey’s Wedding


Some of our favorite posts (not included above) this year…

Our Peruvian Adventure

What do I do with my hands?

Megan & Jade’s Engagement

Posing Tips for Women

Natural Smiles

Kim Family

Dawn & Luke’s Wedding


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A New Kind of Resolution


Sometimes you have those years. You know the ones, where you have a huge list of resolutions and goals. (That was our 2014.) This year we’re still setting goals for our business, otherwise it would be hard to know where we’re going!

BUT this year is going to be different for us personally. We don’t have a mile-long list. We have a few resolutions each so that we can really focus on one goal….

This year we just want to be grateful.

Grateful for each day.

Grateful for the big and the little things.

Grateful for the relationships we’ve built.

Grateful for the business we run and the people who’ve made that possible.

Grateful for our health which allows us to do so much.

Grateful for every new thing we’ll get to learn.

Grateful for new adventures.

Grateful for new experiences.

Grateful for what we have now, today, this minute, in this moment.

…it’s a huge task. Maybe our biggest new year’s resolution ever, but we’re giving it a try.


The Reason: This past year has been busy….wild….exciting….sad….and exhilarating (basically you name the emotion, we felt it). No matter what curve balls 2014 threw our way we still had an incredible year…

We were alive.

We had our health.

We had our loving families and friends.

We had each other.

We decided we didn’t want to be those people who’d complain how it’s only Wednesday because there might come a time when we wished we had those Wednesdays back! We didn’t want to get stuck waiting for the day we had this or that because there might come a time when we have all those things and then what?

Each day is a gift and we hope to be grateful of those gifts, right now…today and every day. This is our resolution.

Being grateful. ~Erik & Marissa


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2014 in Review

If we thought Seattle in 2013 (our first year here) was good to us, 2014 only got better!

In terms of Ciccarelli Photography we truly got down to the business of making lasting memories. As we look back at the past year we kept in mind the main reason we started this business: Give people lasting memories.

It truly takes a pinch or two to remind ourselves how lucky we are. Our job is to photograph celebrations, whether it be weddings, engagements, growing families, or growing businesses. 2014 was special to us and we wanted to say thanks by sharing our memories from this past year and the many wonderful people we met. Cheers to the memories made in 2014! ~Erik & Marissa


In winter…

…we had sessions between rainy days, made our couples giggle, photo bombed as much as we could, relaxed (see Carlos the cat), met a bunch of new couples gearing up for summer weddings, and volunteered as OpLove photographers.


In spring…

…we had a huge adventure to Peru, took on new food photography projects, caught a dad coming home from service seeing his son for the first time, and chased a ring bearer.


In summer…

…there are only 2 words: Wedding Season. Seriously everyone decided to get married this summer, which meant we got in a lot of dancing, had a ton of laughs, and made memories we won’t forget. Oh we also caught some tiny ballerinas, a handful of engagement sessions, our first screaming flower girl, our first senior session, our favorite fair food (must try fried nutella & peanut butter sandwiches), a couple boudoir gals, a trip to the beach (actually 2!), and we squeezed in our own photo session.

That veil was spectacular….and Marissa got lost in it.


In fall…

…our busy wedding season came to a close and we celebrated as wedding guests for a change! Camping on the coast, a family trip to Hawaii, Halloween outfits, and a wig party with friends rejuvenated our souls. The spectacular weather found us capturing fall engagements, new and returning families, plus one of our first Seattle couples had their anniversary session! The off season brought new business ventures, which lead to fun/awkward lighting tests of new equipment (see our mug shots & cat below). A Nashville Christmas and New Years Eve wedding finished 2014 for us with a bang. 


Nashville found us at a recording studio…here’s what our band photo would look like (below). Twins for our wig party (above).


It’s always crazy looking back on the adventures we had, the new people we’ve met, and the memories we’ll cherish. It certainly makes us feel incredibly full of gratitude and humbled in a way that helps us appreciate each day, each moment, and each person in our lives. Looking forward to all that again and whatever more 2015 brings us!

Much love to you all in 2015! ~Erik & Marissa

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