Michelle & Lindsye | Discovery Park Engagement

As huge Seahawks fans it’s only fitting that Michelle & Lindsye got engaged on football Sunday. These two host most Sundays and surround themselves with friends to cheer on the hawks in full fan apparel. When they conveniently ran out beverages around halftime during a game this fall, Michelle happened to be the only one sober enough to drive to the store. Little did she know that Lindsye and their friends had planned the whole thing out. Michelle left for the store with a few friends to be lookouts. As the door closed Lindsye, with the help of friends, decorated the house with flowers and candles. Michelle returned thinking it funny that all the shades had been drawn to the house. She mentioned how quiet it seemed when she knew there were friends and a game on inside. As she opened the door she was completely surprised to find Lindsye there ready to pop the question.

We had planned their engagement session for what we thought would be the last fall weekend. Weren’t we all surprised for a snowy forecast, but Michelle & Lindsye were totally up for it and ended up with some gorgeous (and rare) Seattle snow-day photos. You cannot tell by their happy smiles, but it was 32 degrees which means they officially win coldest engagement session ever. They also brought along their adorable kids so we snuck a few in of their loving family.

Michelle & Lindsye we couldn’t be happier to be getting to know you two and be a part of this time in your lives. We cannot wait for the big day next fall! ~Erik & Marissa



Tiffani Thomas - Great pics! What am awesome couple♡

Amy Beth Johnson - Beautiful picture of lovely ladies! Cheers! Congratulations and best wishes for your future together!

La Vie Moments - SO perfect. Love!

Beth Knudtson - Awesome photos

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First NBA Game EVER

It’s been two and a half years since moving to Seattle and we still only feel like we’ve experienced a fraction of what the PNW has to offer. One place we love visiting is Portland. I’m a huge fan of Lebron James so for my birthday Marissa got me tickets to see him and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Portland. My very first NBA game! That’s crazy to me. Growing up around sports and playing everything under the sun, I still haven’t been to an NBA game.

We called this the efficiency trip. We took the Amtrack down (which we highly recommend) dropped our stuff off at the hotel, ate dinner, went to the game, fell asleep and caught the first train back to Seattle in the morning. Portland is such a unique and beautiful city, the people are super friendly, the food is amazing, and they truly love their Trailblazers.

Hopefully we don’t wait another 30 years to see another. (Marissa says I’d be easier if they brought the Sonics back.) Thanks Rip City. ~Erik & Marissa

(enter the super short iPhone collage of our trip below…)


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What do I do with my hands? | A Photographer’s Education


TRUTH = Soooo many people come to us for photos and the first question they ask is…so what do I do with my hands?

It’s hilarious. And it always brings up the Will Ferrell joke from Talladega Nights – watch the clip here, if you haven’t already, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. After we’re all finished laughing about it we get down to business, placing hands where they look natural, but we figured some people might benefit from these tips even if you’re just out to take a selfie.


Dangling them by your sides is also fine, as long as they look relaxed, like Erik’s picture on the far right. Pockets, jackets, or even holding onto something like a scarf or belt are great options. Below are a few of our favorites if you’re by yourself, selfie like.


If you’re with someone else (ex: family, friends, partner, dog, etc.) we’ve learned that it looks best with more areas of contact to show love, friendship, or togetherness. Meaning, you shouldn’t just stand next to someone like the awkward image below, unless that’s the mood you’re going for.


Instead, the next time you’re taking a picture with someone, wrap your arm around them or lace your fingers together. Stick that extra hand in a pocket even!


Grab onto something like your dog’s face, your husband’s jacket, or your friend’s waist.



Hope this helps those of you out there with the awkward hand question! And keep it clean everyone. ~Erik & Marissa


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Kim Family | Titlow Beach & Park

We love this family. True they’re friends of ours so we’re totally biased, but they are just the best! For Lincoln’s 1st birthday crafty Hannah made him his own sign, which he held onto all by himself to show us how big he’d become. Big sister Charlotte loves her baby brother and the four of them together make the most fun-loving-adventurous family, doing everything together from hiking in the PNW to trips whenever they can all get away as a family.

This marks year 3 of capturing their family (and we love every year they’re here) as it grows in children, laughter, and love. Thanks Kim family! ~Erik & Marissa



Ralph Britain - Beautiful pics!

Faren Myers Huggins - Awesome pictures!!

Rivers Sarah - Love all of these!!

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Katie & Jack | Ballard Engagement

While taking a break from a game of darts with friends at a bar on a rainy New York evening this cute girl walked up and proceeded to take over their dart board. Jack wasn’t annoyed one bit since earlier in the night while talking with a friend about his type of girl he had pointed to Katie and said, “that’s my type”. When she happened across his dart game later in the night it seemed that fate had brought his ideal girl into his life. Jack said, “you’re going to take over our dart board without even challenging us to a game?” A wager was set, Jack and his pal pulled out their personal sets of darts, and needless to say, won the bet. But truth be told, Jack and Katie both one that night because they had met their match. Katie’s sass impressed Jack and his quick wit won her heart.

We recreated the feel of their first meeting (minus the darts, but plus their dog Starbuck) by heading to Percy’s & Co., the same owners of Kettle of Fish, the bar where they met in NYC. Thanks Katie & Jack for being such an awesome couple, with all the sass and wit that makes our job super fun. We cannot wait for your wedding! ~Erik & Marissa


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