Natural Reflectors Part 3 : Buildings

Ditch that flash and bulky reflector, but still shoot like a pro using natural reflectors this holiday weekend! Part 3 shows how we use the surrounding buildings to get great light for our subjects.

If lugging around a reflector, like the one below, is not for you and you take photos in neighborhoods or urban areas…this is the perfect tip for you!


In our neighborhood there are a lot of bright, painted houses that reflect the sun in a perfect way. Another example is downtown or at Pike Place Market when the sun is setting, hitting the glass buildings and reflecting beautiful light.

How to: place your back to the building or house that’s doing all the reflecting and put your subject in front of you so all that lovely light hits their face (like below).


The photo below on the left shows Erik without much reflective light, just standing in our driveway. The photo bottom right shows Erik in front of a yellow house with lots of light bouncing into his face just like a reflector would. Added bonus – he has reflective light in his eyes from the sun bouncing off the house!


Catch up if you missed Part 1 or Part 2. Have a great long weekend and take some amazing photos! ~Erik & Marissa

Varun Sood - The Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken (USA)|| Selfies Crazy Danger

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Clara & Rob | Olympic Sculpture Park Engagement

When you meet your soulmate you just know. Sometimes it’s because they are as sweet as you, or your opposite, or sometimes it’s because you both are just downright fun. Clara met her fun (and funny!) match in Rob. These two made each other laugh with hilarious photo ideas and kept us on our toes for what might come next!

To stay connected they go on nightly, after-dinner walks and frequently play cribbage. Their upcoming wedding is sure to be a whole lot of fun and we cannot wait to be there!

Clara & Rob, thanks for making us laugh and being such good people. ~Erik & Marissa

Right off the bat, these two had us giggling and loving our job (see below)…


But seriously…nothing is serious about this next set! Laugh attacks are the BEST.


They kept up with tradition in their jumping photo, a picture Rob has done in all his travels, which now includes time spent with Clara.


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Steph & Matt | Semiahmoo Wedding


When you have the cutest flower girl in the world you know it’s going to be a special wedding. As Steph’s grandmother dropped petals down the aisle Steph and her dad rounded the corner. There had already been lots of tears for her three first looks, one with dad, grandpa, and Matt, but the ceremony was so full of love promises on the waterfront that happy tears freely flowed.

Hand-written notes of gratitude were written and placed for each guest at their seat while Matt enjoyed his surprise Star Wars themed groom’s cake, all thanks to his new wife. The two newly weds clinked glasses and toasted to their future before hitting up the dance floor and celebrating the beginning of their new life together.

Congratulations Steph & Matt, what a wedding full of thoughtfulness and love, just like the two of you. ~Erik & Marissa


Congrats to all the amazing people who made Steph & Matt’s dream wedding a reality!

Venue & Catering – Semiahmoo Resort

Wedding Planner – Sheena from The Invisible Hostess

Videography – Red Filter Films

Photography – Ciccarelli Photography

Cakes – Mi Kim

Florist – Stacy Anderson Design

DJ – Integral DJs

Stationary – Alex Paek

Makeup Artist – Amanda Stone

Hair Artist – Melissa Krautscheid

Wedding Dress – I Do Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses – J.Crew

Suits – Men’s Wearhouse

Lisa Henry - Wow! What a beautiful wedding! Great photography.

Allison Thompson-Chandler - Beautiful pictures. The kids and I love the fun Star Wars cake.

Mary Mitchell-Chandler - Beautiful Pictures !!

John L Thompson Jr - Congratulations what a lovely wedding. Best wishes for the future.

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Carly & Paul | Gasworks Park Maternity

They decided to wait and have one of the biggest surprises of their life kept secret. She thinks it’s going to be a boy and he thinks it’s going to be a girl. This 50/50 split is going to make it so much fun next month when Carly & Paul’s little baby arrives, announcing him or herself to the world!

Thanks for letting us document such a perfect moment for you two, Carly & Paul. Our cheeks literally hurt with how much laughing we did during your session. We can’t wait to meet your new baby! ~Erik & Marissa



Lisa Henry - Nice!!!!

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Natural Reflectors Part 2 of 3 : Shirts

How to shoot like a pro…using natural reflectors (for free!). Part 2 is all about the clothes you wear as a photographer. Did you know the shirt you wear makes a big difference on a close-up of your subject? Especially on a sunny day!

Let’s say you don’t want to lug around a reflector, like this one below, or maybe you find it awkward to hold equipment in both hands!


Another option you have is to wear a white shirt. When you stand close to your model the sun will reflect from the sky off of your shirt and bounce back into your model’s face. You will have the total opposite effect if you wear a black shirt, sucking all the light from the sun into your shirt.


For the biggest shirt reflection, place your model with his/her back towards the sun and stand close to your subject. The sun should be hitting your white shirt for the best reflective light. See below…


The two portraits below the behind the scenes pics were edited in the exact same way (if you don’t trust us, look at the blue wall in the background behind me…same color, same exposure). The left photo was when Erik had on his white shirt and let the sun hit it, reflecting back onto my face (for set up, see the behind the scenes photo directly above each portrait). The right photo was when Erik had on his dark maroon/black shirt. You can see how I’ve even lost that nice reflection in my eyes and the maroon from his shirt is actually making my face look even redder!


Erik’s white shirt is acting as a natural reflector! Part 3 of natural reflectors coming soon…if you missed part 1, natural reflection with snow, catch up here!

Thanks for reading and get out there with a camera, the sun, and your white shirt! ~Erik & Marissa

Natural Reflectors Part 3 : Buildings » Ciccarelli Photography - […] up if you missed Part 1 or Part 2. Have a great long weekend and take some amazing photos! ~Erik & […]

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