Being Us

With Halloween behind us we figured this was the perfect time to write this post. Trust us when we say we love Halloween and themed parties. There’s just something about dressing up and acting out a role that is quite the opposite of your true self.

That being said, we firmly believe in our business and most of our life (other than themed parties and Halloween of course) we are perfectly happy and content being our true selves. Just like in marriage when you know you’re taking that person to be your one and only, faults and all, forever. We’re definitely not perfect, and a little weird, but our friends like us for all we are and our clients choose us for all we are.


It’s certainly easy to look at someone else and think, hm…I should be more like her, but when it comes down to it we’ve found that the best remedy for self-doubt is to talk with someone you love and have them tell you that you’re just fine, just the way you are. (Although we do love and highly encourage goal setting for the little things.)

So take it from us, be yourself…your crazy, fun, wild, whatever self and the right people will love you more for it. ~Erik & Marissa


Susan Fritts McConnell - Love the headbands!

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Kristina & Chris | UW Engagement

In the halls of their high school was where Chris first laid eyes on Kristina. He was a year older and they didn’t actually date while he was there, but as soon as he left for UW he knew they should be together. Kristina was still a senior in high school, but that didn’t stop their relationship from blossoming. As they fell more in love and the year progressed it was time for Kristina to choose her college path. Of course she chose to attend UW as well, probably not just for the outstanding program. Since they were both engineering majors they had quite a lot of time together attending classes in the same building and still joke that they have a combined 12 years of study there. Chris even signed up for one of Kristina’s classes her first quarter and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Thanks for showing us around campus Kristina & Chris. We cannot wait for your Orcas Island wedding next summer! ~Erik & Marissa


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Kieffer Family | Lake Fenwick Park

We love our clients because they aren’t just clients, they’re friends. And we get to see them grow as individuals, in their careers, and as families. This week we were honored to meet up with friends Nicole & Zac to capture their 1 year anniversary and their family, namely their pup Lexi.

Last year their wedding was everything they had hoped, from gorgeous views atop the Salish Lodge, a private first look, and dancing with friends into the night. They’re ready to celebrate it all again, but just the two of them this time (okay, well Lexi will probably join too)…so the three of them will celebrate an amazing year together growing, continuing to add to their home, and making the life together that they always dreamed about.

Thanks Kieffers! Cheers to another amazing year ahead. ~Erik & Marissa



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Marx Family | Richmond Beach Park

The first time we met the Marx family Addison had just turned 3 years old, was cute as can be, and was incredibly shy in front of our cameras. Three years later we no longer have trouble with her being shy. She has grown up before our eyes and is now a big Kindergartner who likes to jump for the camera, run as fast as she can, and hug her parents tightly. What a sweetie! Her parents are pretty darn cool too.

Thanks Marx family! Loved seeing you all again this year. ~Erik & Marissa


Diane Marx - These turned out beautiful! Thank you both! We look forward to many more years of photos with you!

Tracy Speller - Beautiful D!

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The Last Wedding of Busy Season | The Ciccarellis

This.summer.was.amazing.period. With only our second wedding season here in Seattle we were fantastically busy and had the best time with the best people capturing the best day of their lives. (Truly, it doesn’t get much better than that.)

We are so lucky to have stead-fast friends who, even though we work most Saturdays, will still save time for us to get Sunday brunch or take our calls from across the country on a random weekday.  Our families schedule trips and meals around our busy summer season and have supported us in a million other ways as well. We seriously have an amazing team (have we said amazing enough yet?).

That being said, we have officially finished our busy season, with a few more exciting winter weddings before we cheer in 2015. To top it all off we didn’t even work our final wedding of busy season (we were guests!), unless you count working it on the dance floor. To be guests at a wedding is truly one of our favorite things. Who doesn’t love to see old friends, dance until your feet hurt, jump into photo booths, and snack on burgers or cake-pops (or both) for a late-night recharge?

It also reminded us how special each wedding is, how much work goes into each one from the family, friends and the couple, and how quickly it all goes. It felt like we blinked and it was midnight. This last wedding as guests gave us a renewed appreciation for our work – to capture those fleeting moments of love on a new journey, happiness in the faces of two joined families, unbridled dance floor craziness, and all the little moments in between.

Cheers to another wedding season full of people we won’t forget, places we’ve discovered, and special moments we’ll always remember in our photos. ~Erik & Marissa


(iPhone snap of us at our last wedding, thanks to our friend Allison)


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