DIY X-mas Light Pictures

It’s that time of year! Lights are up everywhere so let’s take advantage of using them for some pretty, bright photos. Rip a few strands down (grandma won’t mind as long as you send her the pictures) and get ready for some fun!

All you need…a few light strands and a camera. 2 ways you can use them in photos…as a PROP or a BACKDROP.

As a prop use it as a light source for some drama or ball of light (right)…


…or use them to wrap up your loved one (left)…or to give you a pop of light (right).


In our home studio a few friends got curious so they became our models. Here’s Erik trying to convince Kiki it would be a great photo if she was wrapped in lights. Since that didn’t go so well…


…we decided to hang the lights instead, place our models in front, and use the lights as a backdrop instead of a prop.

If you’re getting technical:

1. Photo on the left – A wider image means we’ve backed up to fit all of our model Carlos. This way shows more of the light strands and the lights are smaller (so you’ll need to use more).

2. Photo on the right – A close up allows you to get rid of the strands, but it also accentuates the lights so that you get pretty, bright dots (or boca) in the background…our preference.


Try hanging lights from a tree branch, tape them to your wall, or have someone hold them for a moment. The more lights the better. (We used one strand, but recommend at least 2 strands.) This is an easy way to capture baby’s first Christmas pictures, your pup, or even a selfie.

Quick tips for the look above: Try not to put your subject right up against the lights or background, but several feet away for a prettier look. Do this near a window during daylight for best results.

Got a professional camera? Drop your aperture down to 2.2 or below for more boca, like the picture above on the right.

Have fun and happy holidays! ~Erik & Marissa


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Megan & Jade | Discovery Park Engagement

Love can be found around life’s every bend, however unlikely it may seem. When Megan agreed to a camping trip with friends she didn’t realize she’d be meeting up with the man who would make her heart flutter, smile widen, and complete her life. A mutual friend had invited Jade along for some outdoorsy fun and luckily he agreed since his future wife would be there! Megan and Jade hit it off over crackling campfires, long hikes, and s’mores that weekend.

When the trip came to a close and neither one wanted to say goodbye they exchanged numbers, Skype addresses, and promised to keep in touch, even though they’d be long distance. After 16 months of long distance love Jade was done being so far away from the love of his life and popped the question. Now they’re planning a life together, with the word long-distance soon to be long in the past.

Megan & Jade, thank you for allowing us to capture your obvious love for each other. Hopefully these photos will help you get through these last few months apart before the big day! ~Erik & Marissa


Joanie Crain - LOVE THEM ALL!,,,proud mom here

Joanie Crain - The kids loved you guys! Thank you for making their day of photos special!

Debra Crain Rogers - CONGRATULATIONS! such an adorable couple.

Melissa Jones Smith - Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple!

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Christin & Art | Montana Wedding


She had planned and planned and planned some more. The one thing Christin hadn’t planned on was crying (although she had brought plenty of tissues for Art).

She made it through all the stress the day before during her DIY wedding decorating while family and friends helped tie bows, put up a Christmas tree, and hang red-sparkly ornaments. She made it through getting ready, while her best friend and rock Jolene helped make jewelry decisions. She even made it through their first look all smiles, although her groom Art broke into tears the moment he turned around and saw his beautiful bride. Seeing Art with happy tears in his eyes while walking down the aisle didn’t make her cry, although there was hardly a dry cheek in the room. She made it through most of the ceremony, all the way up until her vows, when she burst into tears, emotions spilling out with her words…after all she was marrying the love of her life. Art was shocked since he said he’s usually the emotional one, but this was a big day. All the planning and waiting paid off as Christin & Art’s tearfully happy ceremony came to a close with a cheer and a fist pump, as all weddings should.

Christin & Art, we are so happy that you found one another through that blind date. You are both such special people and deserve so much happiness and love. Congratulations! ~Erik & Marissa


Thank you to everyone who made Christin & Art’s wedding day perfect!

Venue – Chauncey’s Event Center

Catering – Cowboy’s

Flowers – Vann’s IGA

Invitation Design – House of Krauss

Photography – Ciccarelli Photography

DJ – Prince Party Production

Makeup Artist – Kathy Hedges, Aqua Studio

Hair Artist – Robin McNamee

Officiant – Denis Pitman

Dress – Belle en Blanc

Bridesmaid Dress – David’s Bridal

Suits – Prohibition Clothiers


Lisa Henry - Beautiful job!

Jennifer Heise Teal - Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Lynne Moreau - Suck a beautiful day :)

Tina Greaser - Absolutely beautiful!

Christin Pfau - You guys are so fantastic! Love you both!

Brent Lelonek - beautiful wedding

Tricia Talbott - WOW!!!

Lisa Buchanan - Great pictures.

Kathy Butterfield Reither - Wonderful!!! Definitely precious memories to last a lifetime.

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Michelle & Lindsye | Discovery Park Engagement

As huge Seahawks fans it’s only fitting that Michelle & Lindsye got engaged on football Sunday. These two host most Sundays and surround themselves with friends to cheer on the hawks in full fan apparel. When they conveniently ran out beverages around halftime during a game this fall, Michelle happened to be the only one sober enough to drive to the store. Little did she know that Lindsye and their friends had planned the whole thing out. Michelle left for the store with a few friends to be lookouts. As the door closed Lindsye, with the help of friends, decorated the house with flowers and candles. Michelle returned thinking it funny that all the shades had been drawn to the house. She mentioned how quiet it seemed when she knew there were friends and a game on inside. As she opened the door she was completely surprised to find Lindsye there ready to pop the question.

We had planned their engagement session for what we thought would be the last fall weekend. Weren’t we all surprised for a snowy forecast, but Michelle & Lindsye were totally up for it and ended up with some gorgeous (and rare) Seattle snow-day photos. You cannot tell by their happy smiles, but it was 32 degrees which means they officially win coldest engagement session ever. They also brought along their adorable kids so we snuck a few in of their loving family.

Michelle & Lindsye we couldn’t be happier to be getting to know you two and be a part of this time in your lives. We cannot wait for the big day next fall! ~Erik & Marissa



Tiffani Thomas - Great pics! What am awesome couple♡

Amy Beth Johnson - Beautiful picture of lovely ladies! Cheers! Congratulations and best wishes for your future together!

La Vie Moments - SO perfect. Love!

Beth Knudtson - Awesome photos

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First NBA Game EVER

It’s been two and a half years since moving to Seattle and we still only feel like we’ve experienced a fraction of what the PNW has to offer. One place we love visiting is Portland. I’m a huge fan of Lebron James so for my birthday Marissa got me tickets to see him and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Portland. My very first NBA game! That’s crazy to me. Growing up around sports and playing everything under the sun, I still haven’t been to an NBA game.

We called this the efficiency trip. We took the Amtrack down (which we highly recommend) dropped our stuff off at the hotel, ate dinner, went to the game, fell asleep and caught the first train back to Seattle in the morning. Portland is such a unique and beautiful city, the people are super friendly, the food is amazing, and they truly love their Trailblazers.

Hopefully we don’t wait another 30 years to see another. (Marissa says I’d be easier if they brought the Sonics back.) Thanks Rip City. ~Erik & Marissa

(enter the super short iPhone collage of our trip below…)


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