Michelle & Stephen | Pier 62/63 Engagement

Michelle & Stephen’s union was a long time coming and it all started with a can of spray deodorant.

To understand that statement fully we’ll need to take you back to their freshman year of college when Michelle had the habit of studying in the boys’ floor study room for the peace and quiet. Stephen, who already had a crush on Michelle, duct taped a can of deodorant to stay in the on-spray position and threw it in the room on Michelle to get her attention. The plan totally backfired, since Michelle was furious.

Thankfully their story didn’t end there! Finally, junior year, they became friends and Michelle was convinced that guys and girls really could be just friends. By senior year, though, the two were dating and she realized her friends were right- guys and girls can’t be just friends! Four years is a long time to wait, but Michelle was totally worth it.

Stephen and Michelle, we cannot wait for the wedding. And Michelle, we’ll totally double as your bodyguards in case deodorant shows up at the reception. ~Erik & Marissa



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Trick of the Hand | A Photographer’s Education

The tip this month can literally be used in ANY situation, with any gear, with anyone. All you need is your hand and a camera (phones included).

We learned the hand trick early on and to be honest, it’s one we use more often than most! That’s because to us, the MOST important thing about a photo is light. The background, the subject, the props, nothing else matters if you have bad light. (You also can start thinking about what kind of light you want, but we’ll get to that in another post.)

Here’s how it works. Hold your hand up where you’re going to be taking that selfie, or photo of your newborn, or your cat, whatever it is! You can see how the light falls on your fingers. If you like how it looks on your hand, then chances are you will like how the light looks on your subject. If you don’t, then move your hand around you (sometimes we even twirl in a slow circle) to find the best light and when you do, stop…put your subject there…and take the photo.

Below are 3 examples of the light hitting my hand from a window at three different angles and what that same light looks like on Erik’s face. (In hindsight I should have painted my nails or something.)

The first example shows how the light looks on my hand and Erik when my back is to the window, which can be the most flattering light because it is even with no shadows. This is also the easiest light to find on your hand. Highly recommended for selfies!


 This next example shows how the light looks on my hand and Erik at a 45 degree angle to the window. You can see shadows on my thumb, first and middle finger on the right hand side, which is exactly where the shadows land on Erik’s face, a bit on the right.


The last image shows my hand and Erik at a complete 90 degree angle to the window. You can see how half of each finger has a shadow and how that reflects to half of Erik’s face being in shadow.


So next time you’re trying to take the most flattering picture in the best light, try out your hand first! You don’t even need to take a photo of it (we just did that here to show you the example). We’d look pretty crazy if we kept taking photos of our hands during a wedding. Just use it as a guide to see how the light is hitting your skin and go from there!

We hope you take some hand…somely good looking photos with this trick! ~Erik & Marissa

James Milstid - Great simple trick! I think that even I can remember that one! Thanks!

Lauren Sheppard Alongi - Your nails look lovely! 😉

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Christine & Doug | Pike Place Engagement

It started out as strictly a working relationship, but Doug kept coming back to the most beautiful vendor, Christine, for his orders. Finally one day they found themselves at a wine bar to be a wingman and wing woman for another couple. After a glass of wine they couldn’t deny the connection they had and ended up being on a date that night themselves. What started out as a friendship grew into something much more. Christine says from that moment at the wine bar on she couldn’t stop thinking about him and knew this was the real thing.

We absolutely cannot wait for your wedding Christine & Doug! ~Erik & Marissa



Lisa Henry - nice. great pics

Lori Rusk Grabowski - Wow! Those are awesome!! Thx for sending! You guys look so happy!

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Megan & Matt | Robinswood House Wedding

The sweetest thing. That’s the type of love Megan & Matt share. In their Converse shoes they met for their first look under an arbor of flowers and vines, the moment so sweet tears dripped down Megan’s cheek while Matt wiped them away. Their ceremony in the trees was sweeter still with words of love, a wine bottle locked away to be opened in 5 years, and Matt’s ever-loving gaze at his soon-to-be-wife. The entire bridal party, in their Converse shoes as well of course, were eager to celebrate with the new couple as Matt popped open a bottle of bubbly and cheers were had by all. The evening continued in festivity as the dance floor opened under the stars and twinkling lights as the newly weds celebrated the sweetest day of their lives.

Thank you Megan & Matt, for the enormous honor of telling part of your love story. ~Erik & Marissa


Thank you to the people who helped make Megan & Matt’s day sweet!

Venue – Robinswood House

Photography – Ciccarelli Photography

Catering – Epicurean Catering

DJ – Leroy

Bouquets – Pike Place Market

Make-up Artist – Megan’s sister Heather

Hair – Monica Scott

Dress – Alfred Angelo

Suits – Men’s Wearhouse

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Christina & Johnny | Washington Athletic Club Wedding

Christina, calm and already looking beautiful was patiently getting her make-up done as Johnny began his own ritual of dressing in his military uniform. Christina’s dress was buttoned as she laughed about not being able to sit down the rest of the day as Johnny waited for his first look with his bride across the street. When their eyes finally locked Christina was all smiles and her nerves melted away. Johnny led her through a dip, some sweet kisses and a walk to their ceremony where they proclaimed their love and promised each other forever.

Thank you Christina & Johnny, for allowing us into your lives this past year. ~Erik & Marissa


Thank you to everyone who made Christina & Johnny’s day spectacular!

Photography – Ciccarelli Photography

Venue & Catering – Washington Athletic Club

Officiant – A Heavenly Ceremony

Cake – Julie’s Gluten Free Bakery

Flowers – Christina’s mother

Make up – Sylvia Sheridan

Dress – Lacemarry

Lisa Henry - Great shots!

Rob R. Chacon - Congratulaions you two. The pictures are amazing and you two look stunning. Grandpa would be proud. Hope yalls have a wonderful and long marriage. Love yalls

Shane Fale - Congrats bro you look healthy and happy…plus Christina is a good name…same as my wife

FLUTTER professional eyelash extensions, makeup artistry & skincare - Beautiful!

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