White Balance | An Education

It’s the first Wednesday of the month and this post is all about Custom White Balance!

Wow, when we think back on the last few years we have learned so much about our photography equipment and how to utilize it better. Our biggest tidbit is to use your camera on MANUAL, but once you have that down start adding in some additional skills! One of our favorites is Custom White Balance (sorry, we’re going to get a bit technical this month). We first learned about ExpoDiscs from our friends, Julianna & Nathan Rennard. Since they’re Nikoners we had to do some searching ourselves online and in our manuals to learn how to use these beautiful mechanisms!

You’ll see in the photo below that Erik is using his white balance disc over his lens while he’s standing in front of his subject (our cute couple Lovey & Cory). Once he’s metered to zero and snaps a quick photo he then checks his histogram to see if it’s balanced. The white balance card gives perfect coloring, meaning our whites will look white and the color will be just how the eye sees it (not an off color with a blue tint).

Once you’ve taken the photo you simply go into your camera Menu and find the button for White Balance. Switch it to Custom. Then you should have a tab under the White Balance setting that says Custom WB. Once you tap on Custom WB it will show you the photo you just took with the white balance card over your lens. All you have to do is hit the SET button and it will ask you if you want to ‘Use WB data from this image for Custom WB’ and you click OK. Your camera may have different settings (this is our Canon 5D Mark ll) so we definitely recommend looking it up in your manual.

Seriously, this has saved us so much time in editing and making sure our images are perfect IN CAMERA! If you’re not doing this, try it. At first it will take awhile. We felt a bit slow in the beginning, but once we got the hang of it the process was super fast. Just listen to batman…

Photo Credit

Lesson Learned: Get an EXPOdisc and learn to use it.

Let us know if you try this technique and how it goes! ~Erik & Marissa

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Fun Days – Camping | The Ciccarellis

It’s been awhile since we’ve documented a fun day! Truth be told, we were feeling a bit tired and in need of a break so last Thursday, in finding out we had the whole weekend free, we decided to leave it all and head into the wild! Friday found us packing quickly (forgetting many things, yep forgot pillows!) and hitting the road to try and find an open camping site. Lucky for us there were plenty at Mt. Rainier! We were off the grid, no service of any kind, and it felt amazing reconnecting with nature, peace & quiet, and each other.

Camping 101:

-make a list, check it twice (then keep that list for the next time and add anything you forgot)…message us if you need a list, ours has been through several rounds of camping!

-there are conflicting signs everywhere about bears…1 says to run and one says don’t run

-apparently if a mountain lion attacks you are encouraged to fight back (bare hands?)

-pack layers…it was high 60’s during the day and 40’s at night

-keep it minimal, it’s easy to buy a bunch of gadgets to take with you, but we think the point of camping is making it work with as little as possible.

Dare devil.

Fire queen.

We cook everything over the fire, even blueberry pancakes (pre-made the batter and brought it in tupperware).

Always sad to pack up the tent, until next time! (Although it was nice to take a shower and clean under our nails.)

Lisa Henry - Fun! But I’ll take the Ritz Carlton!!!!

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The Metzger Family | Discovery Park

We love anytime we get to photograph this family because they’re family! It’s such a gift to be able to help create memories and to pass it along to our family makes it seem even more special. The challenge this time was to not only chase around Owen, who is super fast now at 1.5 years old, but to get his “older brother” Moe (the pug) in some shots as well. Discovery Park is one of our favorite locations because we can fine a huge field and just let the family go – Moe and Owen ran around and we snapped photos as they played. We cannot believe you are already 1.5 years old Owen! xoxo

This is an outfit that has been in the family for generations so we had to take a picture of Owen in it! We think he looks like Zoolander on the left.

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Jennifer & Nathan – Wedding | Pickering Barn

Jen & Nate were married at Pickering Barn surrounded by an extremely loving group of family and friends. This couple is so caring and thoughtful towards others that they literally had friends and family fly in from all over the country to help celebrate. In fact, we have never heard such loud, raucous cheers as the couple was announced husband and wife on the alter. Clapping, yells, and whistles erupted throughout the lofted ceilings and carried through the barn as the couple walked down the aisle as a newly married couple. Tears flowed during their first look as Jen came out from behind large red barn doors. Those happy, emotional tears continued through the ceremony, speeches, and right into the first dance where Nate held Jen close and they relished in the fact that they were now finally, after much planning and late night DIY wedding decoration making, husband and wife.

The Details:

Ceremony & Reception: Pickering Barn

Catering: Larry’s Smokehouse

Bartenders: Shake Bartenders

Cake: The Sweet Side

Flowers: University Village QFC

DJ: Otto Olson

Dress: Princess Bride

Suits: The Tuxedo Club

Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew

Congratulations Jen & Nate! We know you will always be surrounded by such love and support through your marriage and whatever other life adventures you take on together. ~Erik & Marissa

Sandra Rey - Jen & Nate!

Callie Hansen-Holcomb - Beautiful! Congrats guys! Ps… Who did your flowers?

Jennifer McGrady - QFC (University Village)!


Janna Dee Slaback - Jen & Nate, I am so very happy for you! Thank you for including me & Dennis on your special day! It was a beautiful ceremony and I’m so happy that I got to be there to celebrate with you! Much love! Janna

Jan Copeland - You look so beautiful! Wish I could have been there! Congrats & many blessing!

Heather Allemang - That is a beautiful picture.

Peter Edwards - These photos look amazing. What an incredible day. You deserve every day to feel incredible! Love you loads XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Debbie DiPietro - An awesome day. What a wonderful wedding! Full of joy, and love and lots of fun… I am so blessed to be a part of your lives.

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Lovey & Cory – Engaged | Discovery Park

Lovey & Cory are a seriously sweet couple. We met at one of our favorite spots, Discovery Park, for their engagement pictures right before sunset…wow, these two were so easy to capture, especially being that they are so in love! Before the session Lovey said they were nervous because they aren’t photogenic – we couldn’t disagree more, you two look beautiful together, but we’ll let the pictures do the talking. One of our favorite things about this couple is that Lovey still remembers the first time she saw Cory, at a track meet in 8th grade! Seriously sweet. We are thrilled to be working with you again at your wedding!

Thank you Lovey & Cory! Have fun with your last few months of engagement! ~Erik & Marissa

Lisa Henry - really nice.

Kristyn Abbadini - Gorgeous

Elisabeth D Mclucas - Vary cute

Alisha Friel - You two look amazing!!

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