Confessional – The Drudgeries & Triumphs of Moving

2013 met us straight on with new challenges such as finding a new apartment and moving up 3 flights of stairs. Yes, that’s right, no elevator and we did it ourselves. Thank goodness Erik’s strong and I have a lot of determination! About halfway through we asked ourselves why we didn’t think of hiring someone to help with the heavy stuff (our least favorite – the dreaded mattress, which also happens to be one of our favorite things in the world…if you’ve never splurged on a nice mattress it’s a must!)

 So after loading up the truck in Tacoma, driving to Seattle and unloading up the stairs (did we mention we had to shut the kitties in the bathroom while all this happened so they wouldn’t escape?) we were pretty wiped out. Sometimes the hardest part of the whole moving process is the end when you’ve done all the lifting and all of a sudden you’re in your new place looking around at boxes piled to the ceiling asking yourself, “where’s my toothbrush?” We decided to forget about it for a moment, dropped off the truck just in time (I think we had 5 minutes to spare) and dragged ourselves to the nearest eatery. Thank goodness for diners that serve breakfast all day! Plopping down in the plastic booth we ordered eggs, pancakes, and a burger – it was just about all we could do to lift the forks to our mouths!

I do have to admit that we were super excited to be in our new place. We had found it on a rainy afternoon after many unsuccessful viewings as we were driving around looking for rental signs. We love the neighborhood, the bus picks up half a block from us, and our building is nice and quiet (we actually may be the loudest people here).

Now that it’s February we are officially moved in and completely unpacked, other than a few bags we still need to drop off at a donation center. The plus side is that we got our workout in and we love our new space. It also taught us an important lesson: hiring a mover or two could be the best use of our money the next time we embark on a relocation!

This happens to be the only photo we have so far of our new place! Kiki seems to be right at home…

Anne Henry Blankenship - Jon and I decided that hiring movers was when we moved to Franklin was one of the best things we’ve spent money on since we’ve been married- best $300 ever!!!!

Ciccarelli Photography - We should have talked to you two beforehand!

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Patti & Erik – Wedding Day | Salish Lodge

Patti & Erik are such a special couple. Patti is so full of warmth that when we first met her on her wedding day we were greeted with huge hugs and a broad smile. She was happy and enjoying her wedding day while she finished getting ready surrounded by her girlfriends. Erik surprised us with his calm and steadiness as he greeted family and friends and later jumped into action for our bride & groom session outside. We were a bit worried about the rain, but when it came time to take Patti & Erik outside for pictures they popped open an umbrella and jumped outside without a care for the weather…they were now happily married after all!

We don’t know how these two pulled it off, but they put together a beautiful wedding in only 6 weeks! Everything was planned from the cake to the flowers in Patti’s hair to the special designed ring they had made for Erik. As Patti walked down the stairs with her mom holding her train we could feel her excitement that the day had arrived. She would be married soon! Erik smiled as his bride walked into the room and the two held onto one another for the duration of the ceremony.

We wish you both much happiness and joy!

~Erik & Marissa

Venue: Salish Lodge

Thank you for letting us in on your special day Patti & Erik! May you live happily ever after…

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Improved Design | The Ciccarellis

We updated our website look a bit this week! We were feeling like our original design was a tad boring and not completely us. Although we worked hard on the original design we always felt like it was missing something. The idea came from us putting together our New Year’s Cards (yeah, we usually don’t get it together in time to do Christmas cards). We decided to put all of our favorite Instagram photos together for a card and loved the look.

This led us to thinking that maybe this same look would be fun for our website so we played with it a bunch and this is what we ended up with!

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Nicole & Zac – Coffee Date at Pike’s Place Market

Nicole & Zac are such a wonderful couple. They support each other and are both so kind that we can see why they are a perfect match! When we first talked to them about the location for their engagement session Nicole mentioned they love to go to Pike’s Place Market, walk around together, and stop for some coffee at a cafe. (Seems like the perfect morning to us, no wonder we get along with them so well!) We tried to duplicate their fun outing by meeting at the market and shooting while we walked around. It was really chilly out so we were happy to take breaks inside to warm up! We’re so glad Nicole mentioned coffee, not only did it help warm up their hands, but we got some really fun shots! Thanks for taking a break out of your workout schedule Zac and thanks for laughing with me when I jokingly suggested photos at the gym Nicole (we met in one too!).

Yes, we made Zac tickle Nicole to get her laughing…

Hazy day out, but still loving this silhouette below.

Nicole, great makeup! Your blue eyes look amazing here!

Thank you Nicole & Zac! We are so excited for your wedding in November!

~Erik & Marissa

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Strolling Our New Neighborhood – The Ciccarellis

We recently moved to a new area of Seattle that we absolutely love! The people are great, tons to do and the coffee is wonderful. It’s seems like every day we find some new hidden little cafe or restaurant. On one of our many strolls through this neighborhood we decided to snap a few photos. We love to take tons of photos but most of them end up being on our iPhones (when we least expect it something beautiful happens and we don’t love lugging around our giant camera bags at every moment). It’s great and frightening to see how sophisticated phone cameras are these days. There really isn’t anything like taking a photo from a real camera though. The feeling, the mood you’re in, the ability to change settings quickly…the camera is a magical thing.

P.S. If you can tell us what neighborhood this is we’ll give you a hug the next time we see you!

(Write in you guess at the bottom of this post under comments. No guessing Lisa & Susan – our moms.)

Hope to see you around town!

~ Erik & Marissa

Nathan Rennard - Wallingford… it’s ok I know I’d get a hug anyway.

Ciccarelli Photography - Ok, you’re right Nathan, something tells us you already knew somehow… :) Let’s hang out soon!

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