Fun Day – The Ciccarellis | Seattle Center

For thanksgiving we took a few days off to be with family. We had family fly to Seattle from the midwest and California to gather for the holiday and to just spend quality time together. We planned several days to show this great area, including Pike’s Place, hiking, Owen beach, some of our favorite eateries, and holiday festivities at the Seattle Center – watching ice sculpting, listening to a holiday chorus, and ice skating!

Posted by Marissa

Of course Erik is extremely athletic and I have no hand-eye coordination whatsoever. Did I mention I also lock my knees when it comes to any sort of inlining? Erik, the sweet husband he is, held my hand and basically dragged me around the rink so that I wouldn’t have to just walk along the edge gripping the wall. I have to admit that with his help I was able to skate on my own a bit towards the end. I asked my mom to hold my purse and told her she could play with our camera so she took these of us! I have to admit here that I never knew Erik could jump, turn, or speed skate until now.

Lisa Henry - Fun!

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Thankful – The Ciccarellis | Seattle

A new tradition started in our house a few weeks ago. We decided to be thankful more often. Sometimes this happens right before we fall asleep or at the dinner table and takes as little as 2 minutes. We just have so much to be thankful for each day, why wait until Thanksgiving?

What we’re thankful for today…


Food, especially dessert. My mom makes the best homemade pumpkin pie and this year my uncle and I are making the crust , all topped with fresh homemade whip cream, yum!

Family, those that traveled to be with us today and those across the country that we will see soon for Christmas.

Laughing, especially silent ones when you are laughing so hard no sound can come out…this happened to me the other day watching New Girl, my favorite show.

Love, kindness, my kitties, and my amazing husband.


I have the greatest parents. They’ve supported me with everything I do. To be honest, now that I’m writing this it’s very hard to put into words how thankful I am to have such loving parents.

Marissa and I are doing something we enjoy and love every day of our lives. I’m so thankful we have the opportunity to take our dreams and put them into a reality.

That Labron finally got his ring and that the Giants won the world series.

My wife Marissa, she’s the bomb!

We are so thankful to all of you, our friends, family, and clients who read our blog, send us warm messages, and support our dreams & goals.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

~Erik & Marissa

Lisa Henry - Thankful for you guys! You are the best!

Jodi Dixon - Wonderful pictures and blog:)

Jill D Edwards - What beautiful sentiments. and Erik, you do have some awesome parents!

Erik Ciccarelli - No, no, no, you’re the best! Love your son.

Nicole Straub - Love your table decor. Just putting it out there that you might see some of that somewhere else in the future… :)

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Book Review #1 – The Ciccarellis | Seattle

We are a bit behind (like one whole month!) but still wanted to get our 12 in 12 book review out there so here it is…our first post – with 2 books combined! The September book was You, Inc. by Harry Beckwith & Christine K. Clifford and the October book was The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. Scroll down to watch our live review via Vimeo or read our review instead just below the video.

 You, Inc.

This being the first book of the challenge had me (Marissa) thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get past the first chapter, BUT once I began I couldn’t help but look forward to my next reading! We definitely recommend this book, especially if you have your own business, are in a business-related field, you work with people, or just want to learn some tips about how to handle yourself and others better.

Take-Aways we use NOW:

1. Listen: “You have two ears and one mouth…you should listen twice as much as you speak.” Listening seems to be a lost form of communication, but super important no matter who you are. Everyone wants to be heard by a good listener. Try listening to someone without having a computer, TV, or iPhone in front of you. Better yet, challenge yourself to not jump in and share your input or connections until the person is completely done talking and you’ve asked a follow up question!

2. Simplify: The example in the book explains in order to write a 10 minute speech write a 20 minute speech, then take out 50%, then shave off 1 more minute so you only speak for 9. (Everyone likes to be done early.) We don’t give many speeches, but we do simplify everything we write including emails, blogs, and marketing. We start with what we want to say, then edit several times to reduce content that is simple and clear.

3. Quote: “He and she who laugh, last.”  We always try to keep it light, stay smiling and laugh a lot.


The 4-Hour Workweek

What a great book with concepts to be used by anyone! Will everything pertain to you and your career? Maybe not. Will you read things that will make you change your life for the better? Definitely.

Take-Aways we use NOW:

1. Effective vs. Efficient: Two statements we love: “1. Doing something unimportant well does not make it important. 2. Requiring a lot of time does not make a task important.” We prioritize and make sure the work we do on a daily basis is important, urgent, and gets done quickly.

2. Mini-Retirements: Why wait until you’re retired to go on the trip you’ve always dreamed of? What’s stopping you from picking up the hobby that you’re saving for retirement? Tim Ferriss will explain cost effective ways to take mini retirements. Who are we to know what life will be like for us when we are 65 or 70 or if we’ll even be around? Tim’s message: take advantage of life now. We take trips yearly (although we are not up to the recommended 3-6 month trips Tim Ferriss recommends), even if it’s camping or staying with friends to keep the cost down. We feel like the adventure helps our marriage and our sanity!


 We seriously recommend both books. We both enjoyed each and found alike, but also separate take-aways that were important to us, for the business & personally.

Let us know how these books helped change the way you think, or better yet – your life! Thanks for reading!

~Erik & Marissa

Book Review #2 – The Ciccarellis | Seattle » Ciccarelli Photography - […] by Dan Millman as the 12 in 12 book challenge continues. If you missed our 1st review, catch up HERE. It was a divergence from the usual non-fiction business books chosen for the challenge, but can be […]

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Samantha & Luke – Almost Married! | Queen Anne

When we first met Samantha & Luke we knew we were going to like them right away. Not only were they both dressed in Seahawks gear, but Samantha had a neon pink fanny pack! Samantha insisted we meet at Uptown Espresso in Queen Anne for coffee when we met next since we’d never been there before. Delicious! It’s definitely one of our new favorite coffee spots. We blame the great lattes on the fact that we talked for hours, but really we think this couple is super cool and just awesome to hang out with! We did a mini session around the block so they could get used to our style before the wedding. You can tell they have a fun, relaxed relationship. We are stoked to be shooting their wedding in just under two weeks!

Countdown to the wedding! See you soon!


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