Owen – 1st Birthday | Queen Anne

Owen woke up from his nap oblivious to the fact that he was about to celebrate his very first birthday! His parents always say he needs to “reboot” after a nap and we just think it’s adorable how snuggly and shy he is after waking. In his PJs Owen showed us how he can stand against the wall and clap at himself. Once he saw his cupcake balloon he was overtaken with fascination for his first encounter with this flying object.

Just before the guests arrived the birthday boy was changed into his special blue jumper and 1 year old matching crown. He wasn’t shy or afraid to be the center of attention once all his loved ones were around. Erin made Owen his first cupcake ever (shhhh, it was actually vegan and had hardly any sugar, but he doesn’t know that…yet). Everyone sang and he was very tidy about eating almost every last crumb, except the tiny morsel he dropped and shared with his older brother, Moe, the pug. Of course when presents came Owen was fascinated by the paper, pictures on the cards, and the boxes – like every 1 year old we’ve ever heard of, but he did get some wonderful gifts that he will appreciate later. Happy Birthday Owen!

What a lucky boy to have such a loving family!

Erin Metzger - Thanks Marissa and Erik! You two made Owen’s 1st birthday extra special and these photos realy capture the magic of the day – I don’t know how you guys do it!

Marissa Ciccarelli - Thanks Erin! It wasn’t hard because he’s so adorable!

Margaret Cumming - So cute! Love the “Owen’s Place” box.

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Kayleanna – Work it! | Bellevue

It’s hard to explain the transformation we saw in just 45 minutes with Kayleanna. At first she was shy and hesitant with us, then she was adorably sweet with her mom, and then by the end of our session she was working it in front of the camera like any professional would! Even her mom, Angela, didn’t know where some of those moves came from. We loved it however and could fill pages with her funny photos, but decided on a few favorites here. Work it Kayleanna!

It was in the upper 30’s the morning we scheduled our session – abnormally cold for early November and unbearable for a 6 year old who is meant to smile for almost an hour. Lucky for us, Angela knows the area well and suggested we meet at Lincoln Square in Bellevue instead of the park. 5 minutes later we were in the warmth of a cozy and completely empty mall with floor to ceiling windows for all the light we needed…perfect! Great idea Angela!

At the end of our time together Kayleanna threw herself to the floor in this traditional senior photo pose – what a charmingly hilarious girl, love her!

Thank you Kayleanna & Angela, you were so flexible and fun to work with – we are truly looking forward to seeing you again this summer for the wedding!

Kym Leach - Kayleanna is my granddaughter and you did a beautiful job on these pictures! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures this summer!

Willy Whisman - Great pictures, I have gigabytes of photos of kk since she was born. She is so photogenic, and as her papa I couldn’t be prouder. I agree with kym ( my better half) can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Thanks for sharing these.

Branden Contrino - Aw my little angel!

Miriam Holmes - So cute!

Josephine Contrino-Erol - well happiness flows throgh Miss KK so we must congratulate the love and care he mom Angela has given this child…

Marissa Ciccarelli - Thanks Kym! We really look forward to seeing you again at the wedding!

Geeta Thakkar - hi i tried to send u friend request i donot know it works or not. if nor u can send me one at geeta thakkar thanks

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Marx Family – Tickles | Green Lake Park

Look at these photos and tell us that this family is not one of the most photogenic families ever! They are so darn cute, it looks like we were shooting an ad instead of a family session. 3 year old Addison is certainly a bundle of joy and once warmed up to us was dancing, doing special handshakes, and running laps in the fields of Green Lake Park. Diane & Scott certainly love their bundle of joy immensely and were so caring and protective of her. When Addison was making funny faces a little tickle from mom or dad produced huge smiles that she must have inherited from her parents. She ended up getting tickled a lot this session!


At first Addison was hesitant to have a leaf fight with Erik, but once he got her about 4 times she was full of giggles and ready to retaliate!


Even though it was only about 46 degrees these three toughed it out and kept moving or playing to stay warm.

While taking a few shots of just mom and dad Addison felt left out and decided to squeeze herself between the two of them! Also, see their handshake below…

Love, love, love, love.

Thank you Marx Family!

Diane Marx - Thanks so much Marissa and Eric! Your warmth and great smiles made Addison a fan instantly. We had a great time and can’t wait to see the rest. We’re so happy we chose you for our family pictures!

Melissa Aden Sweeny - Beautiful!!! Love u guys!

Christina Apostolos Caylor - I love these!!! Xo

Stephanie Britton Birkmeyer - I’m a Marx family fan and these are adorable!!!!

Susan C. McDonald - I’m a Portia fan and thus a Marz family fan. You guys are gorgeous!

Marissa Ciccarelli - Thanks Diane! We had such a great time meeting your family. Addison is so adorable and giggly – what a sweetheart!

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Steve & Monica – Baby Wiggles Maternity | Magnuson Park

A crisp sunny morning brought us to Magnuson Park to meet Steve & Monica, who are expecting their first child in the next month. And what a lucky baby (“wiggles” is her current name) she is, already surrounded by so much love and care. Monica brings a sense of calm and warmth to this growing family, while Steve is full of laughter and joy for his wife and their little wiggles. Monica glows with a confidence and clarity that must come with the end of pregnancy. We felt so happy to be around this lovely couple and couldn’t be happier with their fall colored maternity session. We wish you the best with these last few weeks and are looking forward to welcoming your little girl into her new world soon! We know it will be filled with love.

Congratulations Steve & Monica! Cannot wait to meet your little wiggles.

Lisa Henry - I love the one with the park bench! great job!

Jason Bradley-Krauss - The background on these shots is really nice. Like how it fades back and lets your subject really shine.

Marissa Ciccarelli - Thanks! We love this park, maybe our new favorite for pictures- lovely backgrounds. Thanks to Steve & Monica who suggested it!

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Fun Day – The Ciccarellis | Oktoberfest, Leavenworth

What could be more fun than eating spicy brats and salty pretzels while people watching into the crowds of happy people merrily dancing and drinking in celebration? In short, we loved our visit to Leavenworth for their annual Oktoberfest. The reason for our visit was to shoot a session for one of our couples who met in Germany (he’s German) while she was abroad. They thought it would be special to have some fun pictures taken around town and we couldn’t have agreed more. This was the excuse we’d been waiting for to visit this quaint town in the mountains so off we went!

Pastries in a bakery…yum! These smelled so wonderful that we were literally drawn in out of the cold to push our noses up to the glass cases and drool over the delicious goodies.

The place we ate had about 15 different kinds of mustards! Being that we couldn’t choose we squirted on at least 8 of them.

Couldn’t resist this gorgeous photo op with all the fall colors.

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