2012 Ciccarelli Favorites – Family Edition

This past year has been a whirlwind! 2012 was right after we decided to start taking our photography more seriously and we certainly had our ups and downs, not to mention another move to a different state where we started over, AGAIN (let’s not dwell there). Anyway, we couldn’t be more thankful to the people who have helped us along the way, other photographers, friends, clients, and family. Looking back on our body of work from this year we see huge changes, in our style, brand, and how we work with our clients. We seriously hope that 2013 shows just as much growth!

Here are the family pics from 2012 that made us pause, made us remember those sweet, wonderful people, and overall made us feel something.

~Erik & Marissa

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New Year, New Resolutions | The Ciccarellis

…is going to be a great year. Isn’t every year? (New year’s resolution to stay positive in action!) Already we’ve had snow, sunshine, seen family & friends, eaten great food, and moved all our possessions up 3 flights of stairs to a new apartment all by ourselves for a boot-camp-meets-stair-climber type of workout one day (staying positive!).

Last year we started setting monthly goals, but we still think it’s a good idea to have a new year resolution (or a few). Being into fitness it is always funny this time of year how packed the gym is and then how it slowly dies back down to normal in a few weeks…if you are one of those people, don’t lose it, stick with it!

Marissa’s New Year Resolutions:

Stay Positive

Journal EVERY week (I even bought a brand-new pink journal)

Eat Paleo (even more strictly than 2012)

Show Love for my Family & Friends as much as possible.

*For more info on the Paleo lifestyle we recommend this book: The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf

Erik’s New Year Resolutions:

Write for an hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. As Stephen King says, “you only get better at writing if you read more and write more.”

Plan two Vacations this year, each over 7 days long. 7 is too short.

Go out with friends more often. Getting too comfortable bothers me. (Preferably having more dinners out, it’s so relaxing).

We hope you all have a happy 2013!

Lisa Henry - Love u guys!

Dana Packard Webb - I love y’alls work! It’s great! We wish y’all were closer!

Erik Ciccarelli - Thanks Dana, that means a lot. I really hope all is well with you. I also wanted to let you know I’ll be in greensboro for Alumni weekend April 19-21st. I’d love to see you if you’re around.

Erik Ciccarelli - Mom, we love the heck out of you.

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Teichen Family – All Grown Up | Discovery Park

We met the Teichen family at Discovery Park a few days after Christmas (all the kids were home for the holiday!) and were so incredibly thankful for their easy-going nature. We had just been traveling for over 24 hours (slept in the airport, missed connections, etc.) but knew that we wanted to catch this family before they left for school, Colorado, and wherever else life takes you after a few days off for the holidays. They were so kind, great to be around, and just one of those families that seems like they have a ton of fun. The last time they had a family portrait taken was 6 years ago so they figured it was time for an updated version. Discovery Park was beautiful, still green with all the rain and almost empty…practically our own park for the day!

Thank you Teichen Family!

Lisa Henry - Love these pictures!

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X-Mas with the Ciccarellis | Ohio

A sneak peek into our Christmas celebrations takes us to Columbus, Ohio where we caught up with family and friends, ate great food (and too many desserts), went to see Annie Leibovitz’s photography exhibit at the Wexner Center, saw the movie Skyfall, and vegged out. Oh, we also gifted a photo booth to the family on Christmas Eve!

On our final day a blizzard roared through the midwest, delaying most flights and making us miss our connection. We actually saw our plane depart while we were waiting to deplane. Needless to say we had to spend a few cozy hours in the airport in the middle of the night (and saw a mouse!).

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve!
~Erik & Marissa
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Meade Family – Santa? | OH…IO

Sometimes we meet a family of young children who are just so well behaved we can’t believe it…that was this family. These two munchkins were not only adorable with their big blue eyes, but Wyatt couldn’t wait to get his picture taken and Molly did everything we asked by saying “okay!” It was just a few days before Christmas and a blizzard was on it’s way through Ohio where we were celebrating the holiday so it was definitely chilly. The Meades suggested we meet indoors at the Ohio Union and we couldn’t have been more pleased by the light, decorations, and warmth (actually it was almost too hot in there). To get these fun faces below we were asking for emotions and said “show us how happy you’d be if Santa was coming!”

Precious, these two absolutely love each other.

Thank you Meade family! We hope you had a great Christmas!

Lisa Henry - So much fun to be with you while you did this shoot. The pictures turned out great and the kids were so sweet! Great job!

Susan Anderson - Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

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