Our Yearly Photo Session | The Ciccarellis

Every year we like to remind ourselves how our clients feel! It can be awkward in front of a camera…not knowing what to do with your hands, not knowing if your hair looks okay, not knowing if your smile looks fake. We totally get it! We love to update our family photos each fall and to create some memories, but it’s a huge bonus that it also gives us a chance to remember what it’s like on the other side of the camera!

This year we met up with one of our long-time photographer friends, Julianna J Photography, on what was promised to be one of the only non-rainy days in November. Of course, the morning of our session it called for rain, but being Seattleites we knew that it could mean just 10 minutes of rain so we risked it. We’d already spent so much time on outfits, location, timing, prepping Bryce (probably the most important part since he’s 2!), and getting ready that when it started sprinkling while we walked to our car we thought, oh well let’s just do this!

Arriving at Discovery Park in a tiny bit of rain was okay. Our session began and about 2 minutes in we were literally standing in a downpour. It’s probably going to go down as our most memorable session yet! We were rushing in and out of the trees, getting our little guy to smile while Julianna enticed him with raisins. By the end we were all pretty drenched, but laughing hysterically because it made total sense that we should be the ones taking photos in the rain.

All the planning aside, we got some unpredictable weather and still love our photos, especially the memories that are now attached. For us, it’s all about the experience and we don’t think any of us will forget that one (well, maybe Bryce- he’s only 2 after all)!

Huge thanks to Julianna (and Bryce) for going with the flow and helping us document our last shoot together as a family of 3! ~Erik & Marissa


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Franzese Family | Seattle Newborn Photographer

We never knew we’d be so lucky to snuggle on a bunch of newborns in our wedding off-season! What makes it extra special is that we’ve been blessed to meet some of our former wedding couples’ newborns.

Alicia & Jon had the most amazing wedding at Trinity Tree Farm (and super fun Pike Place Market engagement session) full of dancing, some happy tears, and the sweetest vows. We still remember how Alicia teared up at her first look with Jon and how happy they were walking hand in hand back up the aisle as husband & wife.

Now their joy is even greater as they welcome baby Parker into their loving family. He is carrying on their red hair so beautifully and even has their laid-back, loving personalities already. If we thought this family couldn’t get any sweeter, we were wrong! The three of them are perfectly sweet together!

Alicia & Jon, thank you for having us in your home, meeting baby Parker, and capturing this next huge moment in your lives together. We are so happy for you! ~Erik & Marissa



We know babies don’t really know how to smile yet, but seriously…look at this happy baby!


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Molly & Garrick | Discovery Park Engagement

This meet-cute was oh so fun! She planned on a night out with a girlfriend and he planned on a night out with a buddy. They both ended up at The Crocodile in Seattle for some good music, drinks, and a fun night on the town. When each of their friends ended up chatting with one another, it left Molly & Garrick a chance to talk, get to know one another, and dance! Even though they didn’t think of it then, at least they knew right off the bat that they were going to have a great dance-partner for their wedding!

Also, check out Molly’s sweet sapphire engagement ring! And these photos make us miss those late fall colors for sure…

So looking forward to seeing you two on the dance-floor in just a few months Molly & Garrick! You two are going to have such an amazing celebration and we’re thrilled to be part of it all. ~Erik & Marissa


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Browning Family | Seattle Newborn Photographer

We’ve known this couple since they were freshly engaged, excitedly planning their wedding day with an intimate group of family and friends in a garden in Queen Anne. Their ceremony ended with cheers just in time for some typical fall Seattle sprinkles as we dashed to the cars and headed for their reception.


After celebrating their one year anniversary the best gift they could receive arrived! His name is Winston (is that not the cutest name?!?) and he is already increasing their joy and love a million times over. Winston was way too interested in the camera and playing with mom and dad to do much sleeping, but we sufficiently tuckered him out by the end of our shoot and he passed out in one of the spots he loves the most, on dad’s chest.

Julie & Matt, congratulations! Winston is such a sweetheart and we love his vast amount of expressions. You two are already making great parents and we couldn’t be happier for you three! ~Erik & Marissa


Winston was not into sleeping during our session until the very end. It’s possible he wore us all out, haha, and everyone needed a nap! Loved sneaking in this shot.


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So Thankful.

Every year this is our favorite time of year. Not only is fall just the best season full of colors (okay, we love to photograph during this season too!), smells (and as a pregnant woman I can tell you these smells are the best), and food, but we get to see so many people we love celebrating our favorite holidays from Halloween to NYE!

We also love reflecting this month, thinking of others and appreciating all life has given.

Marissa: This year I am most thankful for the people who make me feel loved. My rock, Erik, who truly makes me want to be a better person. My little love bug, Bryce (who has a million other names), who made me a mama and makes me smile during hard times and laugh constantly (toddlers are seriously so much fun). Our family, near and far, who love us unconditionally, even when I revert back and act like a teenager. Our friends, who aren’t required to love or even like us, but do anyway. And finally the little kicker in my belly who keeps me up at night excitedly awaiting his arrival.

Erik: The last couple of years seem to have been filled with unfortunate events around the world with mass killings and lives lost way too early. Each time this happens I can’t help but think how grateful I am to have everyone close to me safe. I’m appreciative to live comfortably, move, have food and love. As our family continues to grow I’m constantly speechless as to how thankful I am. I love you Marissa, Bryce, Erik Junior:)and all of our family and friends.

Bryce: (we can only assume, but…) Jumping on the couch. Flamingos. My mama & papa. Babies. Violins. Running to Caspar Babypants’ Run Baby Run. Music videos. Playdough. Bananas, yogurt, salami, and ice cream.

A look back at our favorite moments this fall (so thankful for them all):

Pumpkin patching with our little pumpkin.


A walk around the block a few weeks back turned into an impromptu photo session (poor Bryce with his photographer parents!).


We love Halloween, always have and likely always will. Hopefully our kids will continue letting us do family costumes!


Post wedding-season vacation to Kauai was everything we needed before baby #2 makes his arrival.


Our family session took place in the rain this year! More on that in a post coming soon. We had so much fun with our talented friend, Julianna J Photography!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May you feel loved, joy and full (all the desserts please!) today. ~Erik & Marissa

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