Book Review #2 – The Ciccarellis | Seattle

The month of November had us reading and discussing Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman as the 12 in 12 book challenge continues. If you missed our 1st review, catch up HERE. It was a divergence from the usual non-fiction business books chosen for the challenge, but can be interpreted to help you grow in life, personal as well as professional.

Scroll down to watch our live review via Vimeo or read our review instead just below the video.


Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman writes about reflection and learning to grow in spirit, mind, and body. This is a good read that will make you think! I (Marissa) think men can connect to the main character better, but I still enjoyed it.

Take-Aways we use NOW:

1. Live in the moment: A general theme we learned from this book is to live in the here and now. Don’t worry so much about the future or the past, but slow down and enjoy today. Even enjoying every bite of food rather than shoveling is a small change you can make.

2. Let it go: As humans we tend to over-think a lot of the time (me!). We wonder if what we told our boss was the right thing or we analyze how others might think of us. (Unrelated, but Erik loves this quote: “what other people think of you is none of your business”.) A huge take-away for us was to let things go more. Relax, don’t worry, and let things go after they happen for a more peaceful, happy life.

Thanks for reading! Let us know if you’ve read this one and what you thought! We recommend this book for anyone interested in some self-reflection and to read about one man’s journey to find happiness.
~Erik & Marissa
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Hollingsworth Family- Red & Green | Discovery Park

We feel so lucky to have met this family. They ooze joy and energy and excitement! We met at Discovery Park and were thrilled to still see many fall colors, even in mid-December! One clearing had enough photo opportunities for the entire session, and the kids still got to run around and make use of the large field for play while we snapped a few pics in between. Charity is one of the most patient, loving mothers we’ve met. She absolutely loves snuggling with her son and listening to her daughter’s sweet singing voice. We love the color scheme Charity chose too! It looks so perfect for the holidays with all the green, red, and creamy browns…’tis the season! Thank you for spending the morning with us. We hope decorating gingerbread houses later was fun!

Thank you Hollingsworth Family!

Lisa Henry - Very nice. Colors are really nice and the kids are so cute!

Kim Bergstrom - Beautiful!

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Grape Pie – The Ciccarellis | Seattle

Right before we started getting all this rain it was time to harvest the Concord grapes in our family’s backyard. We had no idea what to do with them, but couldn’t watch them just wilt on the vine so we spent an hour or so plucking and dropping into a bowl all the bunches we could reach (Erik got all the ones at the top, thank goodness he was helping!). Gathering ideas for uses friends and family came up with juice, jam, desserts, and my favorite – stomping on them in a big barrel with bare feet. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough to fill a barrel and attempt the later like my favorite I Love Lucy episode, but we did boil them and send them through a contraption to detach the skin and seeds to make a juice (crazily messy, I mean- Purple Kitchen messy), that was then simmered down to a jam, which was then put into a tart (which actually looks like a pie). It was pretty tart (pun intended), but pairing it with a scoop of homemade whip cream took the sour edge off. Yum!

First crust ever made by scratch!

Our hands were purplish-blue for days, but it was worth it for a bite of warm pie.

What desserts do you like to make this time of year?

Cheers, Erik & Marissa

Lisa Henry - Yum! We just love to buy those already baked Cheryls cookies! :)

Jason Bradley-Krauss - yum.

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Samantha & Luke – Winter Wedding | Snohomish

Do you ever watch a moment that doesn’t belong to you that still makes you cry? Sometimes a great movie makes you feel like you’re the main character feeling those feelings. That’s how it felt watching Samantha walk towards Luke for their first look. When Samantha & Luke told us they wanted to do a first look we were thrilled! Timing-wise for their wedding day it just made sense. Luke was waiting with his groomsmen and their combined families at the bottom of a staircase. When Samantha walked down you could just see that it hit her, she was getting married to the man of her dreams and it was happening today! She walked up to him so emotional that the whole crowd could feel her excitement. It was a special moment and we’re so happy we were there!

 Luke wasn’t just dapper in his appearance with cane, hat and gloves – he also acted the perfect gentleman when he dropped to one knee in the middle of the ceremony to deliver his own vows straight from the heart. Tears escaped from Samantha, but she was all smiles, especially after being announced husband & wife! Afterwards, her brother Matthew excitedly told us that he finally had a brother as we all watched on for the couples first dance, full of sweetness and love.

Congratulations Samantha & Luke!

 The Details:

Ceremony & Reception: Antheia Ballroom

Dress: Bellevue Bridal Boutique

Dress Designer: Allure

DJ: Sean Antonius

This first look had everyone emotional!

Check out the looks between the men! They both love their Sam.

On bended knee…

Being Seahawks fanatics Samantha & Luke had a sports themed entrance into their reception!

Wishing you both love & happiness. ~Erik & Marissa

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