Jackie & Darren – Engaged | Columbus Ohio Country

You know when everything lines up perfectly? As photographers this happened to us the night we met Jackie and Darren. We already know and love Jackie, but Darren turned out to be an amazing guy, and a perfect match for Jackie. Not only was the company fabulous, but the conditions were also just right! The sun was setting and Darren had picked a wonderful location out in the country for our session. We had so much fun that we lost track of time and kept on shooting, ignoring the hot temperatures and focusing on the playful love of Jackie & Darren. Jackie specifically told us, “neither one of us is very serious” so we captured their fun-loving relationship. One of our favorite parts of the session was using Darren’s truck. When they need to relax Jackie and Darren go Country Cruising and drive back roads together in the truck with the windows down…this led to using the truck in our session and we loved the way it brought out Jackie & Darren and showed their love for each other.

Wishing you love and happiness Jackie & Darren. Cannot wait for the wedding!

Vic - I like the ones with the bike. I wish Kiki was in the basket.

edgey - Wow! Awsome pictures! Is this going to be advertising for the photo studio? You should be a model Jax…

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Mrs. Jackie – Bridal Bliss

Our dear friend Jackie had a beautifully large wedding on one of the hottest midwest days of the year. Not only was she extremely relaxed about the heat, but the power was out all over the city, including her reception venue and church. Many brides could look at the negatives and let it ruin their big day, but Jackie took it in stride. Her family and friends aided her by buying up all the candles they could find and purchasing a generator for the DJ. The night was a huge success EXCEPT with all the rush buying last minute lighting and trying to stay out of the heat Jackie didn’t have time to get bridal portraits taken. We stepped in for the rescue two weeks later and met Jackie in full hair and make-up for this beautiful session. The ironic part was that even at 6pm it was still 95 degrees, but at least we had power! Here is the beautiful Mrs. Jackie Jewell.

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Blankenship Family – First Baby in the Family

Meet Baby Maggie…the first baby on Erik’s side of the family in over 21 years! She has the biggest cheeks and the softest spiky hair. The family obviously adores her as you will see here…

Mom and Dad love her very much! She sleeps 12 hours a day, hardly fusses, and is starting to smile. What lucky parents!
Maggie certainly gets a lot of love! She is always held – barely put down for a moment when family is around, especially when Grandma and Grandpa are near.
This family is now one larger! Congratulations Anne & Jon!
(Kisses to Maggie from Uncle Erik & Auntie Marissa.)
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Metzger Family – Seattle Sunshine

We love seeing Baby Owen grow. He is now 7 months! (Can’t hardly believe it.)  Seattle had been getting a lot of rain in June, but luckily the first sunny day appeared for our photo shoot with the Metzgers. Unfortunately the sun was a bit too bright for Owen, or maybe unexpected since the weather had been so gloomy lately. We loved these intimate shots around the Metzger front and back yards, even staying for dinner to watch this little boy eat!

Owen had just started teething so he enjoyed putting a lot of objects in his mouth to chew on.

Even though he’s growing we still thought his tiny hands and feet were still very small and precious.

Owen loved getting tossed into the air and jumping on laps. We can tell he’s craving to walk already.

Erin and Ryan are beer experts so it’s no wonder Owen has a nose for it. (Actually he just loves glass cups!)

Mmmmmm, sweet potatoes…hopefully some got in his mouth.

See you soon Erin, Ryan, and Baby Owen!

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