Kristin & Skylar – San Diego Sunset

We felt so honored to be a part of this special day because Skylar is our little brother (or brother-in-law)! We love him and Kristin so much that when they asked us to photograph their wedding we of course said, “YES!” Of course being that we are related we are a bit biased, but they are such a beautiful couple. Skylar started his day with buddies at Barber Side, getting a traditional hot shave with a straight-edged razor, relaxing and chatting it up with the boys. Likewise, Kristin began her day primping at the salon where she works, Belli Belli, with girlfriends. Fast forward to a sunset wedding in the backyard in San Diego and you get a picture perfect ceremony. The two exchanged vows among close family and friends and were showered with lavender while they made their escape. The reception began while the cumbia-reggae-rumba band Peligroso Caramelo wooed the guests to the dance floor and lemon-iced blueberry cupcakes were devoured. What a magical night, and one we will surely not forget! Love you Kristin & Skylar!

Congrats little brother (in-law)! Welcome to the family Kristin! (We’re a crazy bunch, but we love each other a lot!)

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Walls Family – Seattle Boat Gazing

We loved the cozy, quiet park the Walls family chose for our session. It was completely empty besides the occasional biker and had the most gorgeous light streaming through the weeping willow trees. Gideon loved watching the boats, his favorite word that day in fact being, “boat!” Haven was such a great big sister, holding her brother’s hand and giving him kisses and hugs. The family was full of curiosity of life and love for each other. Thanks for showing us your secret park Walls family!

Thank you Walls Family!

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Dana & Bo – Love & Marriage

Dana and Bo are one of those couples that is completely beautiful inside and out. They have a passionate love for each other, their family, friends, and life. There were moments that we felt like we were intruding on a special serious moment while they gazed lovingly into each others’ eyes. Nothing gets in the way of Dana and Bo’s love for each other. We know that will be true in 5 years, and in 10, and forever after that. We love you guys!

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Mrs. Laura – Something Blue

When we think of Laura many great words come to mind: confidant, caring, kind, compassionate. She is one of those people you meet that you can just tell and might think, “she’s a good person.” Through and through Laura shows her warmth as a teacher, wife, sister, and friend. She’s not super serious (although we did snap a few of those before she broke into a smile) and we love that about her!

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Jackie & Darren – Engaged | Columbus Ohio Country

You know when everything lines up perfectly? As photographers this happened to us the night we met Jackie and Darren. We already know and love Jackie, but Darren turned out to be an amazing guy, and a perfect match for Jackie. Not only was the company fabulous, but the conditions were also just right! The sun was setting and Darren had picked a wonderful location out in the country for our session. We had so much fun that we lost track of time and kept on shooting, ignoring the hot temperatures and focusing on the playful love of Jackie & Darren. Jackie specifically told us, “neither one of us is very serious” so we captured their fun-loving relationship. One of our favorite parts of the session was using Darren’s truck. When they need to relax Jackie and Darren go Country Cruising and drive back roads together in the truck with the windows down…this led to using the truck in our session and we loved the way it brought out Jackie & Darren and showed their love for each other.

Wishing you love and happiness Jackie & Darren. Cannot wait for the wedding!

Vic - I like the ones with the bike. I wish Kiki was in the basket.

edgey - Wow! Awsome pictures! Is this going to be advertising for the photo studio? You should be a model Jax…

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