Goldsmith Sisters – Princesses

Almost every little girl we’ve met talks about loving princesses. These two were no different. They loved talking about Disney Land and visiting Arielle and Aurora. As a treat Maddie was even allowed to bring her princess dress to the photo shoot and we spent the last 10 minutes having fun taking these super girlie shots.

We know she’s dressed as Bell, but doesn’t she look just like Cinderella losing her shoe (or in Maddie’s case…shoes) in this next one?

Hanna is Maddie’s sweet as can be sister. She was very tolerant of us taking photos of her and we love the innocence of her cute face.

The sisters had a lot of good times together picking flowers, running, looking for fish and playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie. Thank you girls! (or should we say Princesses?)

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O’Toole Family – Sleeping Beauty

What a lovely family we met the other day! Erin and Nate told us our challenge was to get their son, Luc, to smile normally. We were up to the challenge and with their help snapped some great shots of his smile. We didn’t need any help with his sister, Reese. She surprised us all with model poses and broad smiles.

Erin and Nate are such loving parents. The whole family has a warmth about them that Erin says comes from their Mid-West roots. This family isn’t afraid to say many I love you’s!

These two were incredibly excited to get to the beach later that afternoon, although they were very good about posing for our camera in the meantime. We thought the beach was a great idea since the temperature was already rising close to 90!

We think these two looked like they were reenacting Sleeping Beauty. No kisses from brother though! Just tickles…

Thank you O’Toole family! We hope you had a great day at the beach!

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Miu Family – Laughing

We met this darling family at Ed Levine Park as the light was beginning to fade – it was just perfect. The kids were hilarious and cute at the same time…and with 3 children under the age of 4, we had our work cut out for us. Luckily we had grandparents and numerous tricks up our sleeves to get all three happy and smiling. Edward, the oldest, didn’t need any help. While practicing for the photos earlier in the day he had gotten confused between the word smile and laugh so each time we said, “Edward smile!” he would push out hilarious forced chuckles, which in turn had everyone else grinning and in stitches, even us!

Poor baby Matthew had just been forced to wake up early from his nap and he was not happy. Thankfully he enjoyed the game Peek-a-Boo and watching his grandparents make funny faces. This photo, however, is before he was over the grumpiness of being woken up. We still love it though!

And then there was Alina, what a pretty, silly girl she was! We think she enjoyed posing for the camera as evidenced below…

Such a sweet family. We must give an award, or at least a mention, to the parents who were so adoring of their children and possessed the calm during the storm.

Here is our favorite sequence from the shoot. Matthew started with these utterly kissable lips on his own so we asked the others to join in…here’s how it went.

Thank you Miu family! What a pleasure it was meeting you. Your photos still make our cheeks hurt with nonstop grins…

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Tiwari Family – Together

This family is the definition of togetherness. They are warm, loving, and laugh often. They even all live in the same neighborhood! Not only did we find comfort in their family unit, but their traditional outfits were truly remarkable. What a treat to photograph all those beautiful colors! Below are 3 generations of Tiwari women, a special life moment for us to be able to photograph.

The newest addition to their growing family, Radha, is simply adorable. At first a bit camera shy, she blossomed as the family smiled, clapped, and laughed with her. This was Radha’s first time in a sari, and although it seemed to be new to her at first, after a few minutes of encouragement she was giggling and dancing for the cameras.

Thank you Tiwaris! We enjoyed watching you laugh, make jokes, play with Radha, and just be together.

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