Pagan Family – Boys Will Be Boys

What fun we had with these boys! You’d think Lisa and Dave would have their hands full with 4 boys, but Kale, Noa, Kai, and Kekoa were extremely respectful and well-mannered. We truly thought it was going to be tough getting them all to participate in the shoot, but it was one of the most relaxing nights!

This is certainly an active family. The oldest three are currently in baseball, but enjoy all kinds of sports throughout the year and the youngest is at the age where he’s crawling all over the house!

Kekoa was just getting his first two teeth and was proudly showing them off with huge gummy (and a tiny toothy) grins. Our favorite thing was that he liked to feel them with his tongue and consequently stuck his tongue out at us often (in the cutest way) that made us all laugh.

We loved the energy of this family, even if it was a lot of testosterone. They obviously love one another and make the time to be together as a family. Thanks guys!

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Sobota Family – Swinging Josie

What an absolutely adorable family this was! When we first met the Sobotas we at once knew they were going to be special. You could tell there was an abundance of love and joy in this family and they were excited to share their photo shoot with soon-to-be baby #2!  The entire photo session was laid back, fun, and playful. Just the way we like it!

You can tell Erin and Dave are incredibly patient, hands-on parents with the way they swung Josie around again and again just to make her giggle for the camera (and for fun too).

This couple was convinced we might not get a smile out of Josie (and were totally okay with that…it’s hard being almost 2!), but we were all happily surprised to see her toothy grin in this next photo! Many parents forget about getting their own photos taken so we always make it a point to get them alone while one of us chases the kids around. We love this happy picture of Erin & Dave, laughing, keeping their eye on Josie, and still in love.

Thank you Erin, Dave, and Josie! We loved watching you playing together, sharing your happiness with us.

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Kiyoi Family – Take My Photo!

Although it was only 9:30am the temperature started rising into the 80’s while we were starting this photo shoot. Even so, the Kiyoi family walked, took off their shoes, and were exceptionally down to earth throughout the entire session.

We could not believer our luck in finding these wildflowers. When we asked if the family could get in the middle of them for a photo they jumped right in without hesitation!

Our most memorable saying from the session is when girls kept telling us, “take my photo!” and would quickly pose for the camera. Too cute!

Miles was happiest when he was playing, unbeknownst to the photos rapidly being shot around him.

It was wonderful taking your photos Kiyoi family!  Don’t wait 8 years for your next session.:)

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Oberman Family – Hanging Out

These two were quite a pair. We couldn’t believe how well they listened, followed directions, and showed politeness towards us and each other. We thought teenagers were supposed to act the opposite! We felt like we were all just hanging out.

This brother and sister duo are active in sports and after school activities, but they had some time during spring break to meet us for these sibling photos.

The park was almost our own that day and our models were happy to be hiking around, playing with friends, watching goslings, and throwing rocks. Thanks for a great afternoon Obermans!

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B. Family – Girls, Girls, Girls

You know the saying, “girls have more fun”? With this pair we think it might be true. These two are not only adorable in photos, but really good to each other…and they certainly have a lot of fun!

What a great day with these two. We picked flowers, ran through fields, and watched them share many giggles.

Although they get along, these two are pretty different. One is more practical, while the other is a free spirit. Whatever their differences (even blonde vs brunette), we love how you can see the similarities in them below.

What a loving photo (below, left)! The funny thing is that right after this shot they started tickling each other and both lost totally lost it. Good thing we snapped this one first!

These two really do have fun together. Below is our favorite – trying to be tough, but on the verge of wild sister giggles. May you always stay this way with each other and cherish your sisterhood.

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