Dandel Family – EMP Museum | Seattle

What a scenic spot the Dandel family chose for their family session! We loved all the different backdrops the EMP Museum provided from reds, to curves, to gardens, to poles the girls could practice their gymnastics on! We had such a great time meeting this loving (and totally photogenic) family. The girls, Gigi and Alaire, were incredibly polite and great at letting us take their photo. Such love!

We love that mom and dad were totally cool about letting the girls walk around barefoot because their shoes were hurting.

Sister love!

Thank you Dandel Family! It was truly a pleasure meeting you!

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The Ciccarellis – Our new website!

We are super excited to announce our new website! Yes, it took about 2 months, many hours, and many days, but we finally got it finished and are excited to have our blog a place to talk more about what’s going on with the business, photography and ourselves! To start, neither of us is very computer savvy so figuring out a blog was tricky enough! Then when we decided we needed a new website we both looked at each other thinking, “do you know how to do that?” Luckily we spent a lot of time talking to computer wizards who helped us a bunch (plus we watched countless tutorials and read dozens of manuals). Thanks to everyone who helped!

Here’s our Home Page! Click on the picture below or above where it says “website” in the menu to peruse our new site!

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Xydis Family – Discovery Park Bubbles

We met this adoring family at Discovery Park and couldn’t have been happier with the location! The kids got to run around, play, and be themselves in the great expanse of this park. JoAnn and Jason (mom and dad) were caring and attentive, but also let the kids get out their wild side. JoAnn let slip that the kids love bubbles so we planned on her bringing them out for the end of our session. Although they haven’t got the blowing bit down yet, it was windy enough that Jonny figured out how to hold up the bubble wand toward the wind and let Joslyn chase after his trail of bubbles. We love how these bubble filled photos turned out!

The expressions in this one are priceless! Thank you Xydis family, we had a great time getting to know you.


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Kristin & Skylar – San Diego Sunset

We felt so honored to be a part of this special day because Skylar is our little brother (or brother-in-law)! We love him and Kristin so much that when they asked us to photograph their wedding we of course said, “YES!” Of course being that we are related we are a bit biased, but they are such a beautiful couple. Skylar started his day with buddies at Barber Side, getting a traditional hot shave with a straight-edged razor, relaxing and chatting it up with the boys. Likewise, Kristin began her day primping at the salon where she works, Belli Belli, with girlfriends. Fast forward to a sunset wedding in the backyard in San Diego and you get a picture perfect ceremony. The two exchanged vows among close family and friends and were showered with lavender while they made their escape. The reception began while the cumbia-reggae-rumba band Peligroso Caramelo wooed the guests to the dance floor and lemon-iced blueberry cupcakes were devoured. What a magical night, and one we will surely not forget! Love you Kristin & Skylar!

Congrats little brother (in-law)! Welcome to the family Kristin! (We’re a crazy bunch, but we love each other a lot!)

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Walls Family – Seattle Boat Gazing

We loved the cozy, quiet park the Walls family chose for our session. It was completely empty besides the occasional biker and had the most gorgeous light streaming through the weeping willow trees. Gideon loved watching the boats, his favorite word that day in fact being, “boat!” Haven was such a great big sister, holding her brother’s hand and giving him kisses and hugs. The family was full of curiosity of life and love for each other. Thanks for showing us your secret park Walls family!

Thank you Walls Family!

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